10 Best Campsites In Glacier National Park – Info You Need To Know in 2022

Talking about camping, you might want to look for some campsites before going to Glacier National Park. Well, that’s what I’m here for, to help you choose the best campsites in Glacier National Park. 

Hey, are you a travel enthusiast looking on the internet for places to spend some top-notch holidays? If yes, then I’m sure you would have heard about Glacier National Park in Montana’s rocky mountains, with Glacier carved peaks and valleys running to the Canadian border.

It’s an amazing site for spending your holidays and making memories that will be left with you for an entire lifetime. It has 700 miles of hiking trails and a Hidden lake which is extremely photogenic and beautiful.

Wildlife is a very attractive feature about the Glacier National Park, and there are a lot of animals from mountain goats to mountain lions to grizzly bears.

All these features can really make your holidays thrilling. Apart from hiking, you can enjoy there other cool activities such as backpacking, cycling, and camping. 

If you really love nature, then I’m sure you would love to camp, rather than living in some luxurious lodges. The perks of camping are just awesome, you get you to enjoy nature, you’re surrounded by crystal clear skies, and everything about camping is just amazing.

Keep one thing in mind, don’t forget to reserve your campsite, be it 6 months in advance because it operates on a first-come, 

first-served basis. I’m dead sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on your chance of this extraordinarily amazing and thrilling holiday! 

Let’s start! 😀

Best Campsites In Glacier National Park 2022

1. Fish Creek Campground 

This campground is located on the western side of the park. Fish Creek campground is located in such a position that it receives more rainfall and more snow fall.

Fish Creek Campground

So if you want to choose this campground for your holidays, be prepared for the chilly weather. Blooming flowers, beautiful views and the easy access to Lake McDonald are the specialties of this campsites.

All the views are astonishing, and you would see nothing but the beauty all around your camp. 

Fish Creek Campground is an enormous campground with 178 campsites.

This number looks great, but you don’t have to worry about it because these are spread apart, so no one will be intruding on your privacy or invading your private space. It has got full hookups and fits RVs and tent campers. 

Restrooms and running water are also there because your hiking would be hectic without it. And another thing, portable water is also accessible easily. 

2. Kintla lake Campground 

This Kintla Lake Campground is situated at the foot of Kintla lake. It comprises 13 campsites. This site provides the beauty of nature and nothing else and what’s better than that.

Kintla lake Campground

It is tucked under enormous trees. There are hand pumps available for pumping water for yourself.

The sites are small but enough for you. The hiking trail is a really cool feature we have here in this campground. It leads beyond to Upper Kintla Lake and Boulder pass. 

This is really a cool location if you want to make your holidays top-notch and is only 15 miles north of Polebridge. 

3. Sprague Creek Campground 

This campground is located on Lake McDonald’s shore. The shaded sites really keep you protected from the sun’s rays.

Sprague Creek Campground

It has 25 campsites. The parking pads are short and narrow. These campsites can fit small RVs. The best part about this Sprague Creek Campground is that you can view the beach sunsets which are spectacular as they can be.

It is a really small Campground, therefore it tends to give you all the eternal peace you’re looking for. 

This campground has really quick access to the high country and is located a few minutes from Lake McDonald Lodge and the camp store. 

4. Rising Sun Campground 

Rising Sun campground is located on the lower hillside of Otokomi Mountain by St. Mary Lake. This Campground has 83 campsites.

Rising Sun Campground

The advantages you have while camping here include a nearby restaurant, a camp store, and hot showers. The picnic area is also there to make your camping super cool.

Boat ramps and boat tours are also available if you want them to avail yourself and enjoy more. This campground offers you the most versatile camping with a lot of other facilities. 

When you camp on Rising Sun, the twilights are really long. The RVs here will be 35 feet. 

5. St. Mary Campground 

St. Mary is the largest campground located on the west and has 183 sites. These sites are available in open meadows or among aspens.

St. Mary Campground

It has a visitor center, which offers different facilities like shuttle service and Red Bus tours. Fishing can also be done here at St.

Mary Lake but the water’s too cold for swimming purposes. There are many restaurants available here on this campground. 

St. Mary campground is one of the coolest Campgrounds for camping as it provides million of facilities along with breathtaking views. You won’t be disappointed when camping is this campground. 

6. Many Glacier Campground 

Many Glacier Campground has 110 sites that have astonishing views. You would love to spend every second here in these campsites.

Many Glacier Campground

The trails lead to Red Rock, Bullhead and Iceberg lakes. It has also a picnic area, where you can spend your evenings chilling with your friends and family.

Nearby, you’ll also find a restaurant, laundry, hot showers, and a camp store. 

This campground is ideal if you’re looking for some eternal peace. The views, as well as the opportunities, are the perks of this campground. 

7. Two Medicine Campground 

Two Medicine Campground has 99 sites. In this campground, there is a small Pray lake which makes the beauty of this campground extraordinary.

This lake is really good for paddling, fishing or swimming. Hence providing some extra activities to chill around.

In this campground, you are also facilitated with flush toilets, water, and a dump station. The trail of this campground leads to Rising Wolf mountain. 

At a walking distance, a boat tour and the rental dock are also available as an extra treat. 

8. Cut Bank Campground 

Cut Bank Campground

This campground will provide you with the peace you are looking for. It has pit toilets.

Cut Bank Campground is comprised of 14 sites, it is really the place you need to go if you’re avoiding crowds and mobs of people.

You can also enjoy fishing here. It can fit really small RVs. There is no running water provided here. 

9. McDonald lake Backcountry Campsite 

The lake McDonald has this one prime backcountry campsite, which is easily accessible by foot, paddling, or boat.

The perks of this campsite are the breathtaking views and outstanding night sky gazing. There are further facilities available like the cooking place, a fireplace, a pebble beach and tent sites in which 4 people can adjust really easily. 

10. Apgar Campground 

Apgar Campground

Apgar Campground Glacier National Park has 194 sites. It is one of the largest campsites and it also lets you camp with your group. The trail of Apgar Campground leads to a transit 

center, visitor center, and Apgar Bike trail. Another path leads to a nice and cozy restaurant, gift shops, and dock boat, making it one of the most easily accessible campgrounds for spending holidays.

Primitive camping includes pit toilets but unfortunately, no running water is provided here. Some free pieces of advice: 

If you have decided on your campsites up till now and you’re planning to spend some top-notch holidays, keep some things in mind before going there and these are 

• If you’re a foodie, then be equipped with a lot of your favorite food, because there are not so many options there 

• Get yourself a map before going so that you don’t have to worry about the new place 

• If you do not have your own transport, you don’t need to worry, use the shuttle service and enjoy your views 

• Your stay can be as long as 14 days 

• The lack of showers is a disappointment 

I just told you everything you need to know about the best campsites and best Campgrounds in Glacier National Park before planning yourself a super-duper holiday.

Don’t forget to start your reservation beforehand because all of these campsites are based on the idea of first come, first served. 

I hope you would have chosen your campsite after reading my article and I hope you have a lovely experience out there. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below.

I would love to know about your camping experiences. Have a great time and happy camping!

Frequently asked questions

Can you camp anywhere in Glacier National Park?

Only designated campgrounds are permitted in Glacier National Park. Over 1000 campsites are available in Glacier’s 13 campgrounds, most of them available on a first-come, first-served basis. At Apgar, Many Glacier, St. Mary, and Two Medicine, you can camp in 9-24 people groups.

Is Camping safe in Glacier National Park?

The danger of Grizzly Bears in campgrounds will never be 100% eliminated. That is why you must follow all regulations and keep your campsite clean. In other words, do not camp at Many Glaciers if you want to minimize your chances of meeting a bear. A Grizzly Bear shouldn’t bother you while you sleep, as long as you keep your campsite clean.

Where can you camp for free in Glacier National Park?

In the National Forests outside of Glacier, you can find dispersed camping for free. On the west side of the park, you can find the Flathead National Forest. There are two dispersed camping areas: the Billy Garret Memorial Bridge Access and the Upper Twin Creek Access. Both have vault toilets and free camping.

Which campgrounds in Glacier are first-come, first-served?

A campground near Glacier National Park’s west entrance, Apgar has first-come, first-served sites (except for a few group sites). It is the best campground for leaving the keys in the tent or trailer on the west side.

What is the greatest danger when visiting a glacier?

Are glaciers dangerous?
1. A glacier has caused flooding. Even though many glaciers have small meltwater lakes near their terminus, extreme melting or unusually rapid melting can cause these lakes to overflow and cause flooding downstream.
2. Glaciers cause avalanches.
3. Icebergs are a threat.

How many grizzly attacks are there in Glacier National Park?

Since 1950, 11 fatal bear attacks along the Continental Divide that include Glacier National Park, U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman Joe Szuszwalak said. In the last decade, 20 bears have caused injuries that required hospitalization.

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