Top10 Best Climbing Fingerboards To Buy in 2022 Complete Guide

If you are fond of climbing rocks, but your practice of climbing is not at the level to hit climbing, so that, I think you should be aware that this is the best time to make you perfect at climbing rocks with the best climbing fingerboards.

Well, climbing could be a very dangerous adventure if you do not practice enough and heedless to different climbing areas.

There are also a few other aspects to must go through before going to start the journey. From which important one is finger strength!

Every climber before Climbing A Rock Or Mountain must strengthen his or her finger so that it becomes easy to climb. For strengthening fingers there is a tool climbing fingerboard, also called climbing hang board is out there in the market.

Indeed, there are plethoras of the best climbing fingerboards in the market. Almost every climbing hang board varies from others on the basis of features, design, quality, portability, price, and colors.

So that for a beginner it would be difficult to recognize the portable fingerboard climbing with the finest quality, price, and design.

As usual, we are here with an authentic guide for helping those guys who are not having proper information about the best rock climbing fingerboards. From the start to the bottom, reading this guide would lead you towards the right fingerboard or hang board.

So that gives your only 5 to 6 minutes of close attention to reading this and makes your money a great payback in the form of the best fingerboard climbing. 

What is a fingerboard?

Basically, the fingerboard is a tool that is made up of mostly wood and synthetic material that is often used in gyms and for climbing. By climbing a fingerboard, one can strengthen his or her fingers for making a good grip while climbing.  

Things to consider in a fingerboard

Everything must be equipped with some leading attributes which need to be kept in mind for testing whether this product is best or worst. Same as all fingerboards also include a few important aspects to contemplate at the time of making a purchase. Some of them are:

  • Material and quality of fingerboard

As mentioned above, most of the fingerboards are made up of wood or synthetic material, and mostly the synthetic material used in manufacturing is polyester. Now, the very first decision you have to make is whether you want to go with the fingerboard made up of wood or polyester.

Both wood and polyester-made fingerboards are good as far as quality and durability are concerned, but both of them have some advantages and disadvantages. Like wooden hangboards ensure great durability however, polyester resin and polyurethane fingerboards give a strong grip.

But let’s hold on here for understanding another important point related to the material type of hangboards/fingerboards. While wandering in the market of fingerboards you may also find some products made up of quite cheap wood and polyester which can harm your finger very badly.

Hence, whatever material or texture you are going to have for the fingerboard should be best in quality.

  • Size of fingerboard 

This is the aspect that is often neglected by trained climbers that than indulge them in the problem. The size of fingerboards does matter, as other important aspects matter.

If you would not consider the size of your hangboard while purchasing it will keep on bothering you from time to time may be sometimes working out in a gym or while in the training session of strengthening fingers for climbing rocks.

Climbing fingerboards varies not pretty far but a little, and you can realize this while using it. Some fingerboards are specifically designed for using climbing and others for the gym so that any size cannot work for all purposes.

  • Weight and size

Being a beginner maybe you are not having an idea that how difficult and tricky it is to mount a fingerboard but whenever it comes to mounting the climbing fingerboard, its weight counts thoughtfully.

Nevertheless, if you’ll consider your space, weight, and size of climbing fingerboard smartly, it will become a cup of tea for you to mount a fingerboard.  

  • Price and satisfaction

In this era, products are known by their price tags and people really think that if a brand is charging a lot it means that there must be lots of incredible specs integrated into it. But the reality is different from this myth.

If I specifically mention climbing fingerboards or hangboards, there are several brands that offer amazing features at a reasonable price and later on, you would find many of those brands in this guide.

1: TRANGO Rock Prodigy Best Fingerboards for Climbing

Best Fingerboards for Climbing

Best boards for Climbing


  • FINGER STRENGTH MATTERS – One of the most sophisticated hangboards on the market, the Rock Prodigy helps climbers build their finger strength and precision for the moments they need it most
  • ANY HOLD, ANYTIME – The possibilities are endless; With 2, 3, and 4-finger holds, deep and shallow, plus crimp grips and pinch grips with bumpers, no hand muscle is underworked; Set it up in your garage, living room, office, bedroom; Never stop hanging; Hang while you sleep
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – 2-piece design lets you fine-tune the the board to your shoulder width; Joint-friendly, ergonomic radius on each hold allows for comfortable workouts and reduces the risk of injury
  • MULTI-TEXTURED – Slick texture on all non all non-hold areas protects inactive fingers; Single texture on all positive surfaces minimizes skin abrasion; Double texture on the sloper, pinch, and jug ensure a stable grip
  • SET YOUR OWN PACE – Variable depth edge rails simulate both deep holds and micro-edges; Index bumps along variable edge rails promote precise and repeatable finger placement during exercise

TRANGO rock hangboard allows you to more than 30 grip positions so that you can choose whatever grip position you think fits your fingers the best. Moreover, becomes of the 30 grip positions that you can use in your gym as well for working out.

This portable fingerboard climbing is designed very thoughtfully specifically for beginners. A climbing trainer who wanted to easily strengthen their fingers can take the help of the TRANGO rock training center to hang board. 

Along with many leading features, there are two, three, and four fingers holding features that could be very helpful for practicing. These holds of fingers are quite deeper and shallow so that for beginners or trainers it’s pretty easy to make grips tightly.

The ergonomic design of these fingerboards minimizes the chances of injury and danger. TRANGO prodigy hangboard is equipped with a 2-piece design with enough radius that lets ensure you use it wherever you want to without the risk of injury or any safety other safety threat.

Moreover, while designing the texture for this product durability and quality must be prioritized, maybe that is why there is no chance of any uncertain condition.

The silky texture of the TRANGO center fingerboard is strong enough for every type of surface and stable grip.

However, the variable depth edge rails construction of this hangboard gives you micro-edges for gripping strongly and the smooth surface of the non-holding area ensures your room for placing your palm.

 TRANGO Rock Prodigy Best Fingerboards for Climbing
  • Easy to set up
  • Nice variety of holds compacted into a small space, really easy on the skin!
  • Great quality
  • An excellent training tool for climbers
  • Pinch grips and slopers are nice to work
  • It does not come with mounting hardware

2: Metolius Rock Rings 3D Climbing Fingerboard

3D Climbing Fingerboard

Metolius Rock Rings 3D Climbing Fingerboard


  • CAD master for perfect symmetry
  • CAM master for perfect symmetry

The perfect design of this Metolius rock rings hangboard is pretty much convenient for training within your comfort zone. You can practice climbing or work out in the gym without scraping your arm.

You can confidently use this climbing fingerboard on the way of your climbing as it is designed in a way that anyone can install it easily.

The CAD/CAM master symmetry of this portable fingerboard climbing of Metolius rock rings 3D lets you feel a very deeper and natural grip even with the sweats because this material has the ability to absorb all the sweat very quickly.

Whatever, you have ever thought of about climbing a rock can make you feel this fingerboard in reality. This product is made by using upgraded material and textures so that you won’t feel any bother while climbing rock for the very first time.

Because of the handy, light, and compact specs of Metolius rock ring 3D fingerboard, you can also take fancy of this of boosting your stamina and strengthening muscles. These two exercises are also important for climbing any rock either for the first time or usually.

Metolius Rock Rings 3D Climbing Fingerboard
  • Good sturdy built
  • Nice rough texture for a non slip grip
  • Swivels around and hence places less stress on joints while doing pull ups etc
  • Cheap
  • Great for on the go workouts
  • There are not many grip options as in hang boards

3: Doorway Hangboard best Rock Climbing Fingerboard

Best Rock Climbing Fingerboard

Doorway Hangboard best Rock Climbing Fingerboard


  • 8 EXERCISES: Dead hang – Body straight with elbows slightly bent; Bent-arm hang – Arms bent at any angle; Offset hang – Choose 2 holds at different vertical or horizontal levels and shift weight; Pull-up –Pull yourself up to top of board; Offset pull-up – Choose holds with different vertical levels (one lower) and pull yourself up; One-arm pull-up – Center weight under one arm and pull yourself up; L-hang – Hold legs forward at 90-degree angle; Front lever – Hold body parallel to ground

The finest texture holder fingerboard is nowhere at an affordable price. Yes, you read right!

Doorway best rock climbing fingerboards are made by using durable texture. The texture should be the most important aspect to consider as while climbing the heights of the rocks one must be surrounded by the strongest equipment.

The ergonomic designed best-textured rockclimbing fingerboard is made to ensure your safety and maximum grip for making climbing an adventure for you. You can arrange the trapper upward and downward for minimizing the risk of danger or injury.

The major issue often faced by professional climbers is the installation of the fingerboard and for getting red to this problem Doorway did a great job with this product. Mounting hardware as well as all installations instructions included in the climbing fingerboard.

With the easy installation system, you won’t have to get injured your fingers badly instead follow all the instructions given with the product and keep your head high for the getting higher and higher. 

Get out! A doorway rock climbing hangboard not only allows you to practice strengthening your fingers for climbing but also allows you to do eight different exercises. This fingerboard is going to prove very great cashback as you can use it everywhere.

The eight exercises system of this fingerboard is pretty much convenient not only for strengthening your finger but also for boosting your stamina. Moreover, your overall body would also get strength if you will continuously practice of its all eight exercises.

Doorway Hangboard best Rock Climbing Fingerboard
Doorway Hangboard best Rock Climbing Fingerboard
  • Awesome feel with reasonable price
  • Great for energetic kids
  • Looks great and works better
  • No mounting issues
  • You can hang anything
  • it is also great for non-climbers
  • It does not have a smaller size to work through

4: So iLL Beastmaker 2000 Best Fingerboard

Best Fingerboard

So iLL Beastmaker 2000 Best Fingerboard


  • 2 Jugs, 35 Degree Slopers, 20 Degree Slopers
  • 1 Very Deep 4 Finger Pocket, 2 Deep 4 Finger Pockets, 2 Deep 3 Finger Pockets
  • 2 Deep 2 Finger Pockets, 2 Medium 4 Finger Pocket
  • 2 Small 4 Finger Pockets (10mm), 2 Medium 2 Finger Pockets, 2 Medium 3 Finger Pockets

The two deep finger pockets, two medium four-finger pockets is the feature you would scarcely find in climbing fingerboards or hangboards.

Because of having these deep finger pockets, your grip would not be slip often, and you will be able to grab the fingerboard more stably. For those who are at a level of training for climbing rocks, So ill beatmaker 2000 climbing fingerboard is very used to understand all important aspects of gripping.

So I will make the best wooden fingerboard climbing for its customers who love climbing but to some extent face a fear. They designed their climbing fingerboard in a very tactful style by using the best quality wood and all other textures and material.

The high-quality wood used in the manufacturing of beastmaker 2000 rock climbing hangboard ensures you maximum and stable grip along with the guarantee of durability and stability for years.

The 2 Small 4 Finger Pockets (10 mm), 2 Medium 2 Finger Pockets, 2 Medium 3 Finger Pockets specs of this climbing fingerboard offer a deeper and shallow grip to everyone either beginner or professional rock climber.

This feature is not only valid enough for making a good grip but also for the clearance of the board. A fingerboard that ensures you the complete clearance of the board actually prevents safety threats.

If you will with the So ill beastmaker 2000 rock climbing hangboard, you won’t have to worry about the injuries that are often faced by the trainers.

So iLL Beastmaker 2000 Best Fingerboard
  • Great item at a great price
  • No issues with mounting
  • Grips and slopers are nicely work
  • Best climbing tool
  • Super light
  • It has no many grips

5: Ucraft Rock Climbing EVO Rings 3D Hangboard

Rings 3D Hangboard

Ucraft Rock Climbing EVO Rings 3D Hangboard


  • DESIGNED BY CLIMBERS for climbers. The most advanced portable hangboard on the market.
  • PORTABLE. There is no need for a special place to exercise, any bar or branch will work.
  • SMALL AND LIGHT. This pair of hangboards weigh just over 12 OZ or 350 gms (about one can of soda).
  • WOODEN. Why is wood the best material for hangboards?
  • VERSATILE. A universal training tool.

For making the installation of a climbing fingerboard an easy-to-do process Ucraft designed it quite thoughtfully. 

As I discussed previously the weight and size of the hangboard matter a lot, especially for the easy installation process. Among all the products we have discussed so far, only Ucraft is the one that really keeps these aspects in mind while designing their product.

Ucraft rock climbing EVO rings 3D hangboards are pretty light and, moreover, made up of wood. So that for installing them, it is very much easy and handy, you can conveniently install them without wasting any instant or bothering yourself.

These are the portable fingerboard climbing that I have ever reviewed, and I really admire their small, portable, and lighter design. While holding or using these well-constructed climbing fingerboards, you would feel free and handy.

You will find several rock-climbing fingerboards in the marketplace that will be made up of wood but not every fingerboard would be made up of using the best wooden material.

The wooden material used for the manufacturing of Ucraft rock climbing EVO rings 3D hangboard is outclass and durable. The wooden material of this fingerboard is durable and gentle to your hand’s skin, as you can feel the gentleness of this material on the first touch.

Moreover, this material also has the ability to prevent the slippery effect of hands and surfaces. It will absorb all the sweat and moisture from your hands and make you feel natural.

 The 12 types of crimps, adjustable-angle slopers, 2 styles of pinches, and surprisingly correct pull-up grips feature just adds the versatility and elegance of this fingerboard.

Ucraft Rock Climbing EVO Rings 3D Hangboard
  • Light weight, durable and portable
  • It is great for lifting workouts
  • Great gear
  • It’s a highly recommended product
  • it’s a great multipurpose grip item
  • Not found

6: Metolius Contact Training Fingerboard

Best Training Fingerboard

Full-featured training board with an amazing variety of holds and new, ergonomic variable width pinches. CAD/CAM designed master for perfect symmetry. Ergonomically curved for less joint stress and reduced injuries. Huge indexed hold section includes: 11 pockets to choose from (2, 3, 4 fingers. tips to 2nd joint), 4 central edges from shallow to deep, and top mounted pull-up jugs, rounded and flat slopers. Fine grained texture is skin-friendly. Includes comprehensive mounting instructions, training guide, and mounting hardware. 32.5 x 11 x 2.625 (826 mm x 279 mm x 67 mm).


  • Full-featured training board with an amazing variety of holds and new, ergonomic variable width pinches.
  • CAD/CAM designed master for perfect symmetry.
  • Ergonomically curved for less joint stress and reduced injuries. Huge indexed hold section includes: 11 pockets to choose from (2, 3, 4 fingers. tips to 2nd joint), 4 central edges from shallow to deep, and top mounted pull-up jugs, rounded and flat slopers.
  • Fine grained texture is skin-friendly. Includes comprehensive mounting instructions, training guide, and mounting hardware.
  • 32.5 x 11 x 2.625 (826 mm x 279 mm x 67 mm).

 For perfect symmetry, CAD/CAM design feature is equipped in the fingerboard. Because of having great symmetry Metolius has become a choice of many professional climbers. 

Like other climbing fingerboards or hangboard Metolius’ contact board fingerboards also have an ergonomic design for avoiding any risk of injury and danger but with a little twist of intelligence.

Metolius gave their fingerboard a curved shape for making you feel stressed for your joints and elbows. The soft material of this fingerboard allows you to continue your training session of strengthening fingers for hours without feeling tired or down.

Because of its ergonomic variable-width pinches let you hold and grip strongly without slippering. This feature also helps for making your grip more and more stable on every point.

However, the construction and material used for the manufacturing of this product are quite fine that doesn’t harm your skin at all. The softness of its texture could be felt by gripping it strongly.

 Metolius Contact Training Fingerboard
  • It’s a great hanging unit for rock climbers
  • It’s the best tool to increase the contact strength
  • It comes with a lot of options
  • There is the best pull up bar
  • Not a durable product

7: Escape Climbing Unlimited wooden Hangboard

Climbing Unlimited wooden

Escape Climbing Unlimited wooden Hangboard


  • HIGH QUALITY | Manufactured with premium Baltic Birch which provides long-lasting use
  • VERSATILE | Provides a range of angles and widths to target muscles and promote strength
  • DIFFICULTY | Unlimited hangboard supports a wide range of skill levels from beginner to advanced
  • HANDCRAFTED | Materials are sourced in the United States and assembled in St. Paul, Minnesota
  • DIMENSIONS | 23.5” wide and 6” tall – Top 2.3 / Deep slot 1.7 / Middle slot 1.13 / Shallow slot 0.57

Whenever I got the opportunity to choose a handcrafted product I never missed it because I believe that presenting a handcrafted product to the customers means that they are giving something special that everyone cannot give.

For promoting muscle strength along with the strength of fingers, Escape climbing used a premium quality of wood. Along with the high quality of wooden material, this fingerboard is designed to make enough width and angles to promote the strength of the rock climber.

The handcraft construction and high quality of wood used in the manufacturing of this climbing hangboard minimize all the risks of safety and makes it more convenient for beginners as well as for professional.

For using these fingerboards years after year a very versatile and durable material Baltic Birch used for the construction. Because of the usage of this material, your Escape climbing wooden hangboard will stay durable and versatile for several years.

The (23.5” wide and 6” tall – Top 2.3″ / Deep slot 1.7″ / Middle slot 1.13″ / Shallow slot 0.57″) dimensions of this fingerboard are incredibly designed for making this hangboard perfect among all.

Escape Climbing Unlimited wooden Hangboard
  • High quality
  • Versatile
  • Handcrafted
  • Good for beginners
  • Easy on the hands
  • Nice design
  • It has a quality control issue
  • Made from plywood

8: Project by Metolius Best Fingerboard for Climbing

Best Fingerboard For Climbing

Project by Metolius Best Fingerboard for Climbing


  • The holds are arranged along a broad arc that tapers outward and downward for better ergonomics and reduced injuries
  • Tapers from top to bottom in both dimensions for better forearm clearance
  • The master is CNC milled for perfect symmetry. Fine texture
  • Includes comprehensive instructions, training guide and all mounting hardware
  • 24.5 x 6 (622 mm x 152 mm)

This rock climbing fingerboard presented by the Project by Metolius is very easy to install without any bother or difficulty. This hangboard is constructed very thoughtfully, so can you can go with it as a beginner especially.

Looking wise as well as professionally usage Metolius fingerboard is far apart better from many pricey fingerboards present in the market.

Its master CAD/CAM symmetry makes it very easy and safer to use. Because of this spec, you can use this hangboard anywhere either in the gym or climbing rocks.

Metolius fingerboard is made by using a fine texture that is capable enough to absorb all sorts of sweat and moisture. This fingerboard prevents the slippery effect and lets you keep on moving high.

Project by Metolius Best Fingerboard for Climbing
  • It’s perfect for beginners to increase strength
  • Easy to hands nice grip
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to install
  • The color is way off not look like advertise

9: Atomik Climbing Holds Yaniro Power Hangboard

Climbing Holds Yaniro Power

Atomik Climbing Holds Yaniro Power Hangboard


  • Hangboard for smooth textured training holds.
  • Gentle textured hang board.
  • Holds not included.
  • Green colored hangboard. Colors will vary from the photo.
  • Comes with indoor rated bolts and t-nuts.

The most important feature of this best rock climbing fingerboard which most people liked very much is it too much smoother texture.

While working out in a gym or practicing for strengthening fingers, the only thing that bothers us is often the harshness of the material. By looking at this problem, the Atomik Yaniro power hangboard is made by using a material that ensures you a completely smooth and safe feel on every grip.

Maybe because of its greater texture and smooth material it is used by everyone professional rock climbers and beginners.

Along with strengthening your fingers and muscles, you can strengthen your stamina because when you would start a final journey of climbing rock for the very first time, your stamina should be boosted enough to face the fear and cope with it.

Just like a few other leading brands of the fingerboard, this brand ensures you great quality, durability, and versatility of fingerboard with an affordable price that could be reached by everyone easily.

Atomik Climbing Holds Yaniro Power Hangboard
  • Great quality comes with instructions
  • Nice grip, easy on the hand.
  • Good for beginners
  • It’s great for rock climbers
  • It comes with a screw to attach boards
  • /

 10: Metolius Wood Grips Compact II Training Climbing Board

Training Climbing Board

Metolius Wood Grips Compact II Training Climbing Board


  • Dimension: Compact 24.5 x 5.125 (622 mm x 130 mm)
  • Ideal for home walls

Only for your convenience, Metolius specifically designed this training board best to use on the home walls.

The compact and lighter design of this fingerboard ensures you all ease for strengthening your muscles and fingering while staying at home. You can start your practice session whenever and wherever you want to because of this fingerboard handy and light spec.

However, the Compact 24.5″ x 5.125″ (622 mm x 130 mm) dimensions of Metolius wood grips training boards let you make good grips even from the start of your training. Making a stable grip on this training board is as easy as someone can think of because of its wooden texture.

The wooden texture of this fingerboard allows you to grip strong as it can absorb all the moisture very evenly.

 Metolius Wood Grips Compact II Training Climbing Board
  • Great art piece
  • Easy to hang
  • It’s great for climbers and non climbers
  • Easy to install
  • Fantastic training tool
  • /

Frequently asked questions

Should your fingerboard be before or after climbing?

According to Dr. Eva Lopez, a climb should always begin with hang boarding. Wait until you have climbed for two hours before haphazardly slapping around on the hang board. Do it right and make it worthwhile if you’re going to do it.

What is the best fingerboard for climbing?

Top 10 Best Climbing Fingerboards of 2021
Training center for the Prodigy program at Tango Rock. Among the best beginner’s fingerboards.
The best value in Metalis Simulator 3D. 
A beast maker version of 2000. Recommended for experienced climbers. 
Metals Wood Grips Compact I. …
Fingerboard of the Moon. 
Metalus Wood Grips Compact II. …
The Problem Solver. 
Beastmaker 1000.

When should I start the fingerboard?

What’s the best time to begin fingerboard training? As soon as you can stop improving steadily by only climbing, you can start working on finger strength. About 1-2 years after starting regular climbing training, you can move on to finger strength.

How many times a week should your fingerboard be?

In a perfect world, fingerboard training would be limited to only two days per week – or at most three, if you are not climbing at all – and would be used as a supplement to climbing rather than as a replacement for it.

What is the most useless finger?

Due to the nerves connecting each digit being intertwined, most people cannot bend the little finger independently (without also bending the ring finger).

How often should you train your fingers?

There should not be more than four rigorous climbing and finger training days per week. The fingers must be rested a minimum of three days a week for neuromuscular recovery and tendon remodeling. Breaking this rule will likely lead to injury. Somehow or another.


As you have gone through the 10 best climbing fingerboards, you have found 10 different types of fingerboards or hangboards that vary from each other in accordance to design, color, features, specs, and price.

You must have also noticed that not every climbing fingerboard is suitable for every climber, as some of them are not very easy to mount but many of them are.

That’s why for beginners it is important to identify the difference between what climbing fingerboards are easy to mount and which can only mount by professional climbers.

For understanding this properly you can also take help from the “things to consider in a fingerboard” heading mentioned above!

Now you must have enough information about portable fingerboard climbing, and surely you are able to invest wisely. If something is still pinching you to know more about fingerboards, you are the whole welcome to ask a question from us by commenting below.

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