10 Best Hiking Socks To Prevent Blisters in 2021

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Socks seem so unimportant that we often forget to get ourselves the right pair while hiking and then get blisters. We kind of think that any socks can take the pressure and that socks don’t matter so much as hiking boots. But the thing is that hiking socks are as important as hiking shoes and we can’t deliver our best performance unless and until we do not have the right pair of socks that get along with the hiking shoes we have. Socks help you feel comfortable and dry while preventing blisters and other hot spots.

Blisters are the worst, they do not let us perform our best. Blisters are ok when they are just blisters, but when they grow into a swollen menace and results in a miserable hiking trip, then we get the importance of getting the right hiking socks. Avoiding blisters starts with well-fitted shoes and a great pair of hiking socks.

This article is dedicated to hikers all around the world, in order to help them have great blister-free hiking. Let me help you by giving a little guide about how to avoid blisters.

How to Avoid Blisters

  • Avoid cotton socks
  • Make sure that your boots fit perfectly
  • Always wear fresh hiking socks
  • Deal with hot spots very quickly
  • Wear liner socks
  • Choose the right footwear
  • Learn how to lace your boots
  • Upgrade your insoles
  • Cut your toenails

Now that you have a little idea about how to prevent Blisters, let me further help you by guiding how to choose your best hiking socks to prevent blisters. 

How to choose the best hiking socks to prevent Blister

  • Comfort

Comfort above everything, right? Always choose the socks in which you are comfortable. Hiking socks have additional padding for the feet therefore comfort is guaranteed. The padding helps to prevent blisters and also allows increased comfort and reduces the sore feet problem.

  • Durability

The thing about hiking socks is that they are durable. You buy a pair of hiking socks and you’ll see how long they are with you. You can wash and wear them again and again. Your pair of hiking shoes will always fit like new.

  • Care

Care has to be taken of your hiking socks. Some materials require washing in cold water or line drying or machine drying. Always look for the directions the manufacturer has given in the instructions.

  • Socks height

Crew socks and quarter socks are the two kinds of socks according to their height. Crew socks are about 6 to 8 inches above the heel. Quarter socks do not extend as far as crew socks. Crew socks provide extra protection while quarter socks are great for summers. Just choose the one that comforts you.

  • Thickness and insulation

Socks of different thicknesses are available in the market. They are divided into ultralight, light, mid-weight and heavy. Choose the one in which you are comfortable.

  • Socks materials

Merino wool and polyester are the best choices for socks material. Merino wool is really comfortable, absorbs all the moisture and has great breathability. Polyester is very durable and lasts longer. These socks dry up faster.

Now let’s dive into the review of blister-free socks.

1: DANISH ENDURANCE Merino Best Hiking Socks To Prevent Blisters

Merino Wool Hiking & Walking Socks 1 pack (Forest Green, US Women 5-7 // US Men 3.5-6)

Get ready for these crew socks I’m going to introduce to you. Specially bought by its users for hiking, people totally rely on these socks. They are really comfortable. They are great to give a gift to someone you care about. They are really lightweight, but not thin.

Material: These cool socks are made of 33% Merino Wool, 33% Acrylic, 33% Polyamide and 1 % Elastane. This combination is a perfect blend of materials that are soothing and that prevent blisters and hot spots. You wear them once, and you’ll love them. Your feet will be totally thanking you.

Use: You can absolutely use Danish Endurance Merino Hiking socks for your outdoor activities. Because of their durability, these socks are in high demand. If you’re out for any activity like hiking, trekking, walking, backpacking or traveling, you can absolutely use these socks no matter what the weather.

Fit and design: These socks will fit the best. The design of these socks is really cool. These socks are temperature controlled. The ventilation mesh lanes help to optimize the airflow, therefore keeping your feet dry and airy without making you feel uncomfortable.

Sizing: These socks are available in various sizes, which are different for men, women, and children. Always refer to the sizing chart before ordering and make sure you order the right size otherwise you may face problems. 

Cushioning: Danish Endurance Merino Hiking socks are available in mid to high level cushioning and padding from heel to toe. The padding helps to eradicate the touch of your feet and your hiking boots preventing the blisters.

Height: As the name clearly tells that they are Crew socks. Crew socks are great for extra protection.

Colors: Available in a variety of colors so you can absolutely choose your favorite or the most decent color for yourself.

Care: Always wash these socks on a 40-degree Centigrade wool cycle and do not tumble dry.

  • UnisexnHigh density knitnRibbed supportnAnimal cruelty-freenLightweightnBest for avoiding blisters
  • Cannot be machine driednLack elasticity

2: Darn Tough Men’s Merino blister prevention socks with Full Cushion

Darn Tough Men’s Merino Wool Hiker Boot Sock Full Cushion Socks – Mens Charcoal Large

Make some space in your drawer, because the socks I’m going to introduce you will surely take place in your heart as well as in your drawers. With the cozy seamless construction and high-quality Merino wool, these socks are really winning the game here.

Material: Made of a perfect blend of Lycra, Merino wool, Nylon, Spandex and wool, these socks are as snug as you can think of. Breathability is great because of the combination of the materials we have here in these socks. We know that Lycra is stretchy, so you can stretch your socks easily. These materials help to keep your feet cool.

Use: You can use these socks for any outdoor activities. Its design and color do not let you feel ashamed, because they are really decent. For hiking, these Darn tough Men’s Merino wool Hiker socks are the best. You can even wear it in daily routine because your feet will feel really comfortable in them.

Fit and design: The fit of these socks is perfect. These socks hug your feet so well that you feel you’re home. It is designed for extreme weather conditions to help you feel great. It helps you deliver great hiking and ensures that you are away from slipping, bunching or having blisters. The design of these socks is really simple and elegant.

Sizing: These socks are available in a wide variety of sizes. Unfortunately, these socks are only for men. Therefore, all the sizes are of men. Don’t forget to check the sizing chart.

Cushioning: Mid-level cushioning is what we have here. Mid-level cushion helps to give a warm and comfortable feeling. The cushioning inside rebounds all day to make us have a great hike day.

Height: These are crew socks and can extend up to 6 to 8 inches.

Colors: Darn Tough men’s Merino wool Hiker socks are available in 6 different and decent colors.

  • Antimicrobial and antibacterial nHigh density knitnGreat cushioning nTrue seamless toenThick material nHelps prevent blisters nLifetime guarantee
  • Expensive

3: Darn Tough Vermont Women’s best blister prevention socks

Darn Tough Vermont Women’s Merino Wool Micro Crew Cushion Socks, Slate, Small

Darn Tough made it again in our list of Best hiking socks to prevent Blisters, but this time these socks are for women. With really cute looks, these socks are great for women hikers considering all its specifications. Let’s look at this pair in detail. 

Material:  Darn Tough Vermont Women’s Merino wool crew cushion socks are made of 67% Merino wool, 29 % Nylon and 4% Lycra Spandex. These are really one of the most comfortable shoes for women. And apart from being comfortable, they help us to have blister-free hiking and protecting us from several other problems.

Use: These socks are great for extra protection and are used in almost all outdoor activities. You can use them for hiking, trail running, mountaineering, snowboard, backpacking, and other such amazing activities. Use for any activity, in which you have the fear of having blisters. 

Fit and design: They fit perfectly. The stripes at the upper portion of these socks are really cool and give these socks a funky and girly look. Your feet will be snug and well-positioned. High-density knitting gives excellent breathing.

Sizing: Darn, tough Vermont women’s Merino wool Micro cushion socks are available in a wide variety of sizes. All these sizes are according to women’s size.

Height: These are crew socks and extend a great deal.

Colors: Available in really cool and funky colors. It would be difficult to choose a single one because all the colors are so cozy and beautiful.

Care: Always machine washes your socks.

  • Lifetime guaranteenVery sungnReally comfortablenKeep your feet dry and warmnWell made
  • Really tight

4: EnerWear 4 Pack Women’s Merino Wool Outdoor Hiking Trail Crew Sock

EnerWear 4 Pack Women’s Merino Wool Outdoor Hiking Trail Crew Sock (US Shoe Size 4-10½, Black/Blue Flower)

These super cute socks for women are really comfortable and cozy. EnerWear provides its customers with the ultimate best comfort and fit. Try EnerWear, you’ll love it. Let me enlight you with its specifications.

Material: Made of 86% Extra fine Merino Wool, 10% Polyester, 3% Nylon, and 1 % Spandex, these socks are really soft and comfortable. They help better breathability. This blend of materials takes away all the moisture from your feet hence leaving your feet dry and airy. These socks help in fighting the odor and leaving odorless feet.

Use: EnerWear women’s Merino wool hiking crew socks can be used for any outdoor activity. They are designed to fight extreme weather conditions. You can use these hiking, trailing, skiing, you name it. The comfort of these socks is unbelievable.

Fit and design: The package contains 4 pairs of these socks. These socks look great and fit perfectly. They are made to hug your feet and give them a soft touch. EnerWear hiking socks are elastic and making it suitable for your feet.

Sizing: These socks are available in various sizes from 4 to 10 and a half. Choose the one in which you are comfortable and fit you the best.

Cushioning: EnerWear hiking socks are Terry loop cushioned. This cushioning is through the entire foot for great pleasure. The cushioning makes these socks perfect for any kind of activity. Because now you won’t get tired even if you hike all day long. Now say bye-bye to the blisters. 

Height: These 4 pack hiking socks are crew socks. The suitable length of these socks help to match them with every shoe you’re wearing, be it boots or sneakers.

Colors: EnerWear socks are available in different colors and designs. Each color and design is extremely cute and funky.

  • Full cushion footn72 hours of odor controlnUnique high technologynSeamless toe finishnBreathable mesh with arch support
  • Less thicknNot durable

5: PEOPLE SOCKS Men’s Women’s best socks for blister prevention

PEOPLE SOCKS XL 4 pairs Men’s Merino wool crew socks 71% premium with Arch support Made in USA (XL Charcoal Black)

PEOPLE SOCKS men’s women’s Merino wool crew socks are one of the best examples of hiking socks to avoid blisters. Their features are unique specially designed for the people who enjoy outdoor activities, and also want to avoid all the hot spots.

Material: These socks are made of 71% Merino wool, 21 % Nylon, 7% Poly, and 1 % Spandex. The high ratio if Merino wool makes it extremely comfortable and easy to wear. The softness of these socks is unexplainable.

Use: You can use your People Socks men’s women’s crew socks in any weather no matter how cool or how hot. This is the best thing about these socks. You can use it for any of your outdoor activities.

Fit and design: These socks are elastic giving your feet a great fit. The design is really simple and cool. These socks are unisex which makes them great.

Sizing: Available in different sizes, these socks will keep your feet warm and cozy. They are also available in men’s and women’s sizes.

Cushioning: These snug Merino wool socks are of medium to heavy Thickness and are made with a reinforced heel and toe to last longer. It provides just the right amount of cushioning you need in order to avoid blisters.

Height: These crew socks have the length you need to give yourself protection against the hot spots and blisters.

Colors: People socks Merino wool crew 4 pack socks are available in different colors. You can choose the one you like.

  • Comfortable nBuilt to last nWell fitted nCool and light nPerfectly cushioned
  • They wear out quickly

6: MIRMARU Men’s 5 Pairs Multi Performance outdoor sports hiking blister prevention socks

MIRMARU M203-Medium-Men’s 5 Pairs Multi Performance Outdoor Sports Hiking Trekking Crew Socks (Black,Char,Olive,Blue,Red)

MIRMARU men’s crew socks are a perfect fit for hikers and help them to avoid blisters. These socks help people to boost their performance. Let’s see the details about these cozy socks.

Material: These socks are composed of 55% combed cotton, 40% polyester, and 2% Spandex. This composition is really cool and helps to make your feet dry. These socks materials are hands down the best materials. These are the most comfortable socks ever.

Use: These socks are the best for hiking, mountain biking, trail running, backpacking, travel, and other outdoor activities.

Fit and design: These socks have a very tight yet comfortable fit. The tight fit of these socks helps them to be in place and don’t let them pile up and destroy your hiking.

Sizing: MIRMARU crew socks are available in different sizes, choose your size that fits in your needs.

Cushioning: These pair of socks re reinforced with high-density fibers and pile cushioning in the underfoot area for comfort. Thus helps to prevent blisters at its best. These socks are designed to feature med compressed and elasticity to support arch and ankles.

Height: These crew socks are elastic and therefore proving itself to be the right socks for your hiking to prevent blisters. 

Colors: The 5 pair pack of MIRMARU crew socks are available in different and decent colors.

  • Great fitnComfortablenStrong and durablenComfortable supportnDesigned to be compressednPerfect elasticity
  • Might be really tight for some people

7: SEOULSTORY7 5 Pack Men’s blister prevention Hiking socks

SEOULSTORY7 5Pack Women’s Multi Performance Cushioned Hiking/Outdoor Crew Socks Multicolor Medium

SEOULSTORY7 crew socks are the best choices for the people who are interested in hiking. These socks help a great deal to keep you safe from the blisters. Let’s see the specifications.

Material: The composition of these socks is 70% cotton, 20% Dry cool yarn, 7% Polyester, 2% Spandex and 1% Elastine. This material allows enough breathability and a great grip to the shoes.

Use: These are multipurpose socks ideal for outdoor sports like camping, hiking, trekking, running. They offer diverse performances.

Fit and design: These pairs of socks offer the Y heel tab which helps to take off and on your socks really easily. The great elasticity helps to fit perfectly. The socks stay up and don’t pile up.

Sizing: SEOULSTORY7 crew socks are available in various sizes.

Cushioning: The mid-weight extra pile cushion padding in heel and ball protect the foot from having blisters.

Height These crew socks with compressed top hold the socks securely on the calf. Hence, the best height for hiking socks.

Colors: SEOULSTORY7 5 pack socks are available in different colors. Choose the pack which has your favorite colors.

  • Great build qualitynExtra breathabilitynKeeps feet dry and coolnReally softnThe best prevention from blisters
  • Really thin

8: YUEDGE 5 Pairs Women’s best blister prevention socks for hiking

YUEDGE Women’s Cushion Crew Casual Sports Athletic Hiking Socks Year Round (XL, 5 Pairs/Pack)

Looking for perfect hiking socks to avoid blisters? Look no further. These socks provide the best fit and perfect breathability to hikers like you.

Material: The fabric ingredients include 80% cotton, 17% Chinlon and 3% Spandex. This composition of socks enhances breathability, makes the socks smell free and take away all the moisture. These are made of high-quality fabric which is naturally antibacterial. 

Use: YUEDGE women’s socks are ideal for outdoor sports. These are clinically tested padded hiking socks. They help to effectively reduce pain and blisters.

Fit and design: These socks are precisely stitched with smooth toe and Y heel to helpfull support to eradicate foot pressure. These are really cute socks, best for women.

Sizing: Available in different sizes, these socks are the best option for women hikers.

Cushioning: The thickened terry fabric enhances the durability of these socks. Foot side has a breathable mesh design that uses advanced weaving technology. The cushioning is just perfect to reduce the chance of having blisters.

Height: These crew socks are perfectly elastic and minimizes friction and support the arch of your feet. They ensure a snug fit and hence no blisters.

Colors: YUEDGE women’s socks are ideal for avoiding blisters. They are available in different colors that are really cool and funky.

  • Comfortable supportnWear proofnMoisture controlnAnti blistersnVersatile
  • Not durable

9: SOLAX 72% Women’s Men’s Merino wool hiking socks for blister prevention

SOLAX 72% Mens Merino Wool Hiking Socks, Outdoor Trail Crew Socks 3 Pack

For those who want their feet feel like home and those who want to be out all day hiking, without having the fear of blisters, we have these masterpiece socks. Let’s look into the details.

Material: SOLAX hiking socks are made with a combination of 72% Merino wool, 16% Polyester, 10% Nylon, and 2% Spandex. With this perfect blend of materials, these are the most comfortable shoes ever. They make sure that you have itch-free hiking.

Use: These shoes make sure that your feet do not overheat when you are out for adventures like hiking, trekking, camping, walking, anything! They give great ventilation to your feet.

Fit and design: The toes are seamless for comfort. More stitches per inch help to make these socks fit great. Knitting reinforces wear zones which feels like magic.

Sizing: These socks are available in men’s and women’s Sizing which makes it great.

Cushioning: The cushioned sole is great for absorption. The cushioning helps to reduce impact on your joints. The flat-knit toe seams reduce blisters. You can hike for hours and hours with these comfortable socks.

Height: The 10% composition of these socks is elastic, which provides enough stretching. These crew socks are the best choices for hikers to avoid blisters.

Colors: Available in a huge variety of colors, choose the pack you love the most. There are 3 pairs in one pack.

  • BreathablenOdor-freenMoisture freenGreat elasticitynPrevents blistersnExcellent cushioning
  • No

10: SmartWool Trekking Heavy, Crew Beige

Smartwool Trekking Crew Socks – Men’s Heavy Cushioned Wool Performance Sock

SmartWool Trekking Heavy Crew socks will make you really happy. Now get ready for exciting hiking without any pain or cramping.

Material: These socks are made by a combination of 80% Merino wool, 19% Nylon and 1% Elastane. This blend makes these socks soothing as ever. It has the most comfortable feel ever.

Use: You can use these socks for any outdoor activity. They will help you move on and help you give a better performance. They are well made and comfortable.

Fit and design: The very traditional design of these socks makes it look classy. It fits perfectly to your feet. Your feet will feel fresh even after all-day hiking

Sizing: This is a unisex pair of socks therefore it is available in men’s as well as women’s size.

Cushioning: It provides just the right amount of cushioning we need to prevent blisters. These are heavy and full cushioned socks that provide excellent absorption. It helps in insulation. 3×1 ribbed cuff is there with a flat knit toe seam for extra comfort.

Height: These crew socks have an elastic element, which stretches as much as we need it.

Colors: SmartWool trekking heavy crew socks are sold individually and are available in 5 different colors.

  • Very warmnGreat cushioningnReally softnDurable
  • Very thin

Some last words!

Everything you need to know before ordering yourself Best Hiking Socks To Prevent Blisters, I have told above. The rest is your choice. I know you don’t want sweaty, stinky feet, neither you want blisters. Here, blisters are the main problem. Blisters restrict us from giving our best performance. All the socks above are really good for avoiding blisters. They give the right amount of padding in order to avoid friction which in turn causes blisters.

I hope you would find the article helpful. Make me aware of your experiences in the comment box. Happy shopping and may you be protected with the blisters! 

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