Best Lightweight Hunting Boots: ultimate guide 2022

Are you seeking the best lightweight hunting boots? Your favorite pair of hunting boots shouldn’t have to be a burden on your shoulders. 

Even though they are quite lightweight, there are some durable choices available on the market that don’t lose any of the characteristics you’ve come to expect from hunting footwear.

Some hunting situations, in particular, necessitate the use of lightweight footwear. If you’re pounding miles across tough terrain in pursuit of animals, the agility that lighter hunting alternatives provide will be much appreciated.

Our selection of the finest lightweight hunting boots includes several alternatives to suit the needs of every kind of sportsman. 

To hunt in wetlands, hike to a tree stand, and pursue large animals, we’ve picked the sportiest and most agile boots available on the market. This season, whatever it is that you’re seeking, make sure you’re wearing a pair of lightweight hunting boots that won’t slow you down.

Recommendation List of best lightweight hunting boots:2022

  • Danner Men’s High Ground 8 Realtree X 1000G Hiking Boot
  • Danner Men’s Vital Hunting Shoes
  • Danner Men’s Vital Insulated 800G Hunting Shoes
  • Northside Crossite Waterproof 200 Gram Insulated Hunting Boot
  • Muck Boots Men’s Arctic Pro Hunting Boot
  • NRS Boundary Shoe

1. Danner Men’s High Ground 8 Realtree X 1000G Hiking Boot

danner men's high ground 8 realtree x 1000g hiking boot,brown/green,15 d us

If you’re a cold-weather hunter who has to move quickly, Danner’s High Grounds should be on your radar. For the coldest of days in the field, these are some extremely toasty boots.

These 1000 gram insulated boots are designed for late-season hunting in very low temperatures. 

The High Grounds is a hunting site that has been converted from a hiking base. These will be great for long, chilly days spent hunting from a tree stand or blind, as well as days spent strolling through the woods.

These Danner boots are made to be very tough, so they’ll be good for even the most strenuous adventures. These boots’ Gore-Tex inner is 100 percent waterproof and breathes well, so your feet will stay dry no matter what.

Many hunter reviews claim that these boots are capable of handling heavy snow – an important attribute depending on your hunting style and location.

The High Grounds’ high ankle support is praised by athletes of all types for providing greater stability when trekking over difficult terrain and for providing additional support in general. This function is especially useful if you’re traveling with a big load or want to bring back meat.

These are a tad pricey, but you pay a premium for lightweight insulation of this level. Danner has a stellar reputation for quality and customer service, so give these boots a try if you’re planning to brave the cold this winter!

 Danner Men’s High Ground 8 Realtree X 1000G Hiking Boot
hiking 1
sole of the boot


  • The GORE-TEX lining keeps you dry in wet and snowy conditions.
  • Excellent traction is provided by the Talon dirt and rock gripping outsole.
  • The neutral camo design works well in a variety of settings.


  • A little on the pricey side
  • They may run a bit small if you wear thick socks.

Product Details:

Product Dimensions ‏20.32 x 10.16 x 30.48 cm; 1.95 Kilograms
Item model numberHigh Ground 8 Realtree X 1000G-M
Item Weight ‏1 kg 950 g

2. Danner Men’s Vital Hunting Shoes

Danner Men’s Vital Hunting Shoes

Danner delivers another well-known light hunting boot. The Vital Hunting Shoes are a great uninsulated option for demanding early-season hunts.

These are simple boots, but their craftsmanship and attention to detail make them one of the best lightweight footwear options for the money.

When you consider the quality and customer happiness, the pricing on these bad boys is more than fair.

These boots are made of leather and fabric and have a strong rubber sole. This is a non-insulated, lightweight foot armor that will boost your capacity to travel long distances and carry heavy things.

A boot that stays laced up the way you want it to is a great thing, and one that I feel is unappreciated.

The open-cell polyurethane footbed has been molded to provide a lot of bounce back and cushioning, so the impact of your numerous steps will not tire you out.

The Vitals’ multi-density foam patterning also guarantees that there are no pinch areas or hotspots – they’re genuinely built to take anything the terrain throws at you (other than cold temperatures).

Hunter reviews suggest that a pair of thick socks will keep you warm in the Vitals in below-freezing weather, even though they are uninsulated to reduce weight. However, no number of socks can make up for the lack of insulation if you plan on going on immobile cold-weather hunts.

The Vitals are kept dry in practically all situations thanks to Danner Dry waterproof protection – this outfitter doesn’t take any cost.

These lightweight hunting boots are ideal for large game hunters who spend days in the woods at a time. However, whether you hunt deer or upland game, you’ll love the mobility these boots provide. The Vital Hunting Shoes by Danner are hard to match for warmer-weather hunts in terms of price and functionality.


  • For an all-day tight fit, provide good ankle support and use a kick-ass lacing mechanism.
  • The tough leather and textile composition should last a long time.
  • Danner Dry waterproof protection is built-in.


  • There is just one camouflage option available.
  • For cold-weather hunting, there is no insulation.

Product Details:

Product Dimensions ‏37.59 x 30.73 x 13.97 cm; 612.35 Grams
Item model number41553
Item Weight ‏612 g

3. Danner Men’s Vital Insulated 800G Hunting Shoes

Vital 8" Realtree Edge 800G

We decided to emphasize the insulated version of this lightweight hunting boot, which weighs 800 grams.

This boot is very identical to the previous model, but it’s designed for cold-weather hunting when you still need to keep your feet light. To keep your toes toasty without sacrificing weight, Danner uses 800G Thinsulate insulation in this model.

This is the same boot in terms of toughness, breathability, and waterproofing (or hunting shoe, as Danner likes to call it). It’s just made to be warmer. It’s just constructed warmer.

The insulated Vitals are quite similar to Danner’s High Grounds, which is ranked second on our list, although they are a little less insulated and don’t include a GORE-TEX inner. The ideal boots for you will be determined by the circumstances and terrain you will be hunting in – for cold weather hunts that need lightweight boots, the insulated Vitals and High Grounds are two of the finest options.

Danner also makes a 400G insulated version of the Vital Hunting Shoe. If you don’t need a boot for severe cold but still want some warmth for mid-season hunting, this might be the ideal intermediate choice. It gives warmth without the extra weight of full-on insulation.

Danner Men’s Vital Insulated 800G Hunting Shoes


  • The tough leather and fibre structure will endure for many hunting seasons.
  • Danner Dry waterproof protection is built-in.
  • There isn’t much of a gap in the period.


  • There is just one camouflage option available.
  • There is no technology to regulate odours.

Product Details:

Product Dimensions ‏40.64 x 15.24 x 35.56 cm; 739.35 Grams
Item model number‎41554
Item Weight ‏739 g

4. Northside Crossite Waterproof 200 Gram Insulated Hunting Boot

Northside Mens Crossite Waterproof 200 Gram Insulated Camo Hunting Boot

Northside offers a great lightweight hunting boot at a great price. For around $100, this pair of boots is virtually difficult to surpass in terms of quality and price.

Even though the steel shank adds some weight, this is a tough-as-nails hunting boot option at a low price.

The boot’s body is waterproof and seam-sealed and is composed of denier nylon. Thanks to a gusseted tongue and padded collar that keep debris out, they’ll keep you dry and toasty in the rain and snow.

The fast lace-up closure can be fine-tuned for the perfect fit, and the EVA midsole offers excellent cushioning and bounces back.

Northside has added some important characteristics for a pair of hunting shoes at this price point. In terms of performance, they may compete with some of the greatest brands on the market; however, their lifetime may be limited depending on how severely you intend to abuse them.

 Northside Crossite Waterproof 200 Gram Insulated Hunting Boot


  • Affordably priced
  • The tongue is gusseted and the collar is cushioned to keep debris out of the boot.
  • The cleated rubber outsole has received positive feedback for its grip and bounces back.


  • There is no smell control.
  • The steel shank adds a little weight (but a lot of durabilities) to the design.

Product Details:

Product Dimensions ‏6 x 12 x 6 inches; 3.75 Pounds
Item model number916577M257XX095XXX
Item Weight ‏739 g

5. Muck Boots Men’s Arctic Pro Hunting Boot

Muck Boot Company Men's Arctic Pro Boot, 100% Waterproof, ACP-998K-BRN-150

For the hunter who likes to hunt in cold weather, Muck Boot offers a trekking and wading choice. These are a must-have piece of equipment for waterfowl hunters in the colder months.

Despite its amazing heat qualities, the 8mm four-way stretch CR flex-foam structure of these Muck Boots makes them incredibly comfortable. The topline binding is designed to keep the elements out while keeping your body heat in.

These boots feature a supportive molded synthetic outsole — they may seem to be typical pull-on boots, but there’s a lot more going on here. For further toughness against wilderness obstacles and risks, the Achilles, instep, and heel are double-reinforced.

 Muck Boots Men’s Arctic Pro Hunting Boot


  • These boots are great for ice and snow.
  • This versatile cold-weather hunting solution is suitable for both land and marine pursuits.
  • Lightweight hunting boots at a great price
  • It’s simple to put on and take off.


  • They aren’t as tall as some waterproof boots.
  • There isn’t much ankle support.

Product Details:

Product Dimensions ‏6 x 12 x 6 inches; 3.75 Pounds
Department Men’s
Manufacturer ‎ MuckBoots

6. NRS Boundary Shoe

If you’re hunting waterfowl in less rugged terrain and don’t need the extra height of full chest waders, this is a perfectly acceptable (and very economical) choice for keeping you light on your feet.

If affordability and weight are important criteria for you, the NRS Boundary Shoe is an excellent alternative to conventional duck hunting footwear.

These boots have a traction outsole that is great for sand and mud, and their neoprene composition keeps them warm even in frigid weather. Even if they’re warm, don’t wear these boots in ice situations since the neoprene is easily punctured.

You must also be cautious not to flood these boots, since their thermal properties will be compromised if they are filled with water.

I’ve had a pair of these boots for three seasons, and I use them for kayaking in the salt marshes of Cape Cod’s coastal salt marshes. The Boundary Shoe has a very basic design with an instep strap, yet it nevertheless keeps your feet safe even in the muddiest of conditions.

After a few years of usage, mine perforated and now have a slow leak, although I wade through a lot of spiky marsh plants and shattered seashells, which may have harmed them. Don’t worry about harming the Boundary Shoes if you hunt in predominantly sandy, muddy, or rocky terrain. Look elsewhere if you suspect the terrain you’re hunting has the potential to poke you.

The soles are surprisingly supportive, with a 2mm plastic shim protecting your feet from sharp obstacles. The neoprene body of the boot, not the soles, poses a puncture danger.

Aside from the possibility of puncture, these boots are made to last. A durable, long-lasting boot is made of 5mm and 7mm neoprene with double taped seams. Mine have been in the marsh for many hours and are still thriving strong!

sole of the  NRS Boundary Shoe
sole of the boundary shoes


  • Because of the neoprene structure, it is very light and flexible.
  • Lightweight hunting boots for wetland applications at an inexpensive price.
  • A plastic shim integrated into the sole protects you from being pierced by sharp objects.


  • The traction of the soles, although sufficient, falls short of that of higher-end boots.
  • To prevent stinky boots, they must be washed regularly.

Product Details:

Product Dimensions ‏35.61 x 25.4 x 12.7 cm; 1.09 Kilograms
Item Weight1 kg 90 g
Manufacturer ‎NRS
Item number30035.01.105

Frequently asked questions:

What is the definition of a hunting boot?

A thick, sturdy boot that usually extends to the knee and is laced from the instep to the top.

What is the ideal height for hunting boots?

You’ll note that we favour boots with a heel height of at least 9-10 inches above ankle-high boots for a handful of reasons. First and foremost, if you undertake any amount of trekking, a taller boot will provide you with more support and stability. The extra height also keeps rainfall, snow, mud, and debris out.

Hunters wear what sort of boots?

Field boots and rubber boots are the two most common types of hunting footwear. Field boots often include a range of top characteristics to create a mix of breathability and durability. Full-grain leather, nylon, and mesh are common materials.

Final Verdict:

We’ve discussed the best lightweight hunting boots for guys in this post. We can’t say that any of the boots on this list are the best hunting boots you can buy, therefore not all the boots on this list will meet your individual hunting needs. They’re perfect for the budget-conscious hunter looking for a boot that will perform well and last a long time while being economical.

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