Best Tent For 6 Person family Camping In 2021

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As far as I know, everybody loves to go on a trip with a group of at least four to five people because if there are more people, the trip will be more fun.

So, for those who have planned already or planning for a trip with their favorite people, I am helping you a lot in choosing the best tent for 6 person this article and you don’t need to go anywhere for the query.

If you are a seasoned camper, then you must know about what I am going to suggest. But for beginners, if you are planning to have a trip with your family or friends, then you must need a space to rest as well.

Best 6 Person Tents For Camping In 2021 Reviews

Photo Title Rating View On Amazon!
Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person...image Coleman WeatherMaster Tent with Screen Room 4.1
Slumberjack 6 Person...image Slumberjack 6 Person Trail Tent 4.2
Kelty Trail Ridge...image Kelty Trail Ridge Tent with footprint 4.5
Marmot Limestone 6-Person...image Marmot Limestone Group Camping Tent 4.7
Eureka! Copper Canyon...image Eureka Copper Canyon Tent 4.2
Coleman Dome Tent...image Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room 4.4
Timber Ridge Camping...image Timber Ridge Cabin Tent with Rainfly 4.3
Big Agnes Flying...image Big Agnes Flying Diamond Tent 4.7

If you are only two people in your family that are looking for the trip, then you must go and check the link below.

It is easy to take care of yourself on a trip, you can rest anywhere anytime. But for more people, you need more space to spend time together. For a large group of yours, you will opt for a large space which is obvious.

You don’t have to worry because there is an option of a tent in which six people at a time can rest. 

Yes, there is a lot to know scroll down, please.

Here I have some suggestions for the best six-person tent.

1: coleman sunlight ridge 6 person tent

Would you prefer a cabin-type tent? If yes, Coleman is the best option for you and your companions.

It is a 6-screened tent with a mesh ceiling and huge windows and waterproof panels. 

If you talk about its capacity, it provides enough floor area for at most six people to rest easily. And other than that you have 54 ft sq in the screened room for gear as well.

There is a separation between the screen room and the main tent which is two layers of mesh with a zipper, it keeps you safe from insects. The screen room is a plus point to prefer this tent.

You all are curious to know about the fly or shelter of this tent, I know you are because it is an important feature. The fly is of minimal design, not all covered so that you can have a beautiful view of the sky in the night.

There is plenty of inner space. The ceiling is also very high and all mesh, so ventilation is there also.

Rain sounds beautiful until you are having a planned otherwise it may be difficult for you to have a good trip in raining. But Coleman is weather-resistant and you don’t have to worry about the back winds too.

Good Points

It offers two rooms and an additional screen room where you can sit and enjoy yourself with your people. It has a great size for six people. Those who are tall also enjoy Coleman tent because of its height. The price of the tent is also reasonable.


It does not have many pockets. Coleman is not a freestanding one.

2: Slumberjack 6 Person Trail Tent

Looking for the freestanding option then you are at the right option. The trail is for 2, 4 and 6 people here we are talking about the camping tent for 6 person.

It offers an inner tent along with a full-coverage fly which I found interesting. It holds a very smooth structure that helps you in strong wind.

It is a freestanding tent you can call it but you can move it and rotate around even when the fly is on. It is a tall tent with 70 inches in height.

The capacity of the trail is for 6 persons but inner space is not much it is about 99 ft sq which means 16.5 ft sq per person.

For ordinary camping, I would not say that it is good enough but for parents or couples with two kids, I think it is best.

Season wise it is also preferable as it provides full coverage fly and a great waterproof feature.

The weight of the trail is about 8.33 kg; it is not one of the tents to be carried with the trail. Use it as a camping tool and not at long distances.

Durability is everyone’s concern and it uses 75D polyester for both fly and floor which makes it durable enough.

Another good thing is that the floor of the trail is of bathtub type. All exposed are seemed to be taped fully.

Airing or ventilation is there too with so much mesh and two opposite D shaped doors.

Good Points

It is a durable and reliable tent because of its high rating as being a waterproof tent and the usage of polyester which makes it durable. It has a bathtub floor, a lot of meshes and large doors, simple design and aerodynamic structure.


Inner space is a bit less for the declared capacity.

3: Kelty Trail Ridge (waterproof tent for Camping)

Are you a seasoning camper? If yes then you must have heard about Kelty. This brand is popular because of its camping tents for 6 people.

What makes this tent different from the other ones is its additional feature footprint which saves the tent’s floor from sharp objects.

Kelty offers you a simple structure tent for six to 8 people with freestanding. You can camp it anytime and on any surface very easily.

Unlike the other tents, it has full coverage fly which protects from many external elements and lets you gaze the stars at night, it sounds lovely.

Let’s talk about Kelty’s weight which is about 7.1 kg only, perhaps it is a lightweight tent that bears six people at a time.

If you are having kids and a lot of stuff with then do not select this because it is good for six adults mostly because its floor size 82 ft sq only.

Inner space is just enough not more and the height of trail is 72 inches only good for medium-height people not good for taller ones.

The thing I like most about the trail is the mesh pockets in it for every user around the walls. It also possesses a headlamp pocket on the wall for ambient light.

Floor-type of the trail is bathtub style which is 68D polyester and waterproof as well. You will have plenty of mesh in the trail of 40D.

Kelty has a simple and composed design where there air crossing is not an issue also. It has two aluminum poles plus one brow pole make it more freestanding.

Good Points

Have you found any lightweight tent? Check this it is a lightweight tent with simple structure any easy setup.


The floor area of Kelty is good but not much as per the criteria.

4: Marmot Limestone ( Best tent for 6 people)

Unlike the other six-man tents, it is not spacious enough but it is more than enough for four grown adults.

Limestone has so many gear pockets in it one in each bottom of the corners, under each door, and many more in opposite corners.

You can have a full morning view and sunlight after getting up because of its fully mesh ceilings and upper walls. Stargazing is also through this feature of limestone. Fresh air easily gets in and out through this feature.

The front door is quad-zipped of marmot with each door has two zippers. It makes the division between rooms easy and offers a double entrance.

Limestone is a six-person waterproof tent as its rain fly gives amazing coverage. Its sides go down the ground and get tightened which helps you to stay dry in heavy rain. You are also safe from dirt and other external elements because of it.

Let’s talk about the fabric involved in this tent. The canopy and the fly are both of 68D polyester and 40D of mesh. This number shows how durable is this camping tent for 6 person.

The floor being strong is matter intent and if you have a 150D floor of polyester then you don’t look for the footprints because it is good enough for protection without footprints.

The price of limestone tent is not constant it varies accordingly so before ordering this do check the price.

Good Points

The volume of limestone is an impressive feature. Height is great tall people should get happy. A very reliable and freestanding model everyone should try once.


Ventilation is available but not good with the fly on; I do not find it a big issue or drawback anyways.

5: Eureka Copper best tent for 6 person

Whenever you need a great packed size in the available price for your family of more than six persons, Canyon 6 is the best option I would say. It is a cheap six people tent.

Another advantage of this tent is its freestanding, you can pitch it anywhere very easily.

 It is a 6-pole cabin style tent which means it has a vertical wall and good height which is about 7 ft.  The tent has so much space inside and out and you won’t feel claustrophobic.

Canyon 6 tent is a hybrid type tent, what does hybrid mean it is an only single layer and only above the mesh ceiling type. Her fly coverage is a second layer. The Windows panel of this tent is also doubled with the mesh.

Three-season canyon 6 tents should be preferable by parents and two kids. The floor area is 100 square feet. Also, it has not vestibule to store gears.

It can be easily transported in a car but due to 11 kg weight, you can’t take it all alone with you on any outdoor activity.

As it was explained above that windows are big enough with a lot of mesh so the chances of insects are not there and you have another panel for rain protection as well. So, basically, it is a six-person waterproof tent.

It is equipped with a fly of minimalistic design that covers the roof mesh only. Ventilation is also amazing in canyon 6.

People usually love to have pockets in their tents, canyon 6 has two pockets in all.

Good points

A tent with great big size and height with reasonably priced. We have large windows in this tent. A good ventilation system and it is one of the freestanding tents.


It has pockets but only a few and people on a trip love to have tents with more pockets in them.

6: Coleman Evanston Dome (cheap 6 person tents)

If you are fond of dome-style things then you must check the Coleman Evanston Dome tent for 6 persons.

The structure of this tent is a very aerodynamic and dome style. Another interesting thing other than the structure is that it has a screen room also which makes the tent livable.

The floor area of the tent is 140 square ft. in rain the porch floor gets wet but due to the draining holes the water will drain out.

Before selecting this tent make sure that you have selected the place where you can stake this dome-style model because it is not a freestanding one.

I would suggest that to use this tent in the areas where there is not a lot of rain occurs. If we see it for space it has enough space for six people as the main room offers 90 square ft.

I think this tent is ideal for couples as the possibility of a queen size bed to be fixed is there. 

You can make the entrance to the Evanston with only a screen room having an inverted T shaped zipper.

The fly in this tent does not have full coverage; it is only in the screen room due to which mesh walls are not that protected.

Fiberglass and 75 D polyester is the material used in this to make it more durable. It offers two pockets minimum.

Good Points

The structure is really great at such a good price. One of the versatile tents and you can also say that it is a functional one.


Tall people cannot walk easily inside as it is not taller. You can only use it for camping in the areas having normal winds and rainfall.

7: Ayamaya Pop Up camping tent for 6 person

Are you crazy about camping? Yes, ok so Ayamaya is a sort of tent for people who love camping and are crazy for it.

I am not saying just but it is among the top-rated tents. Let me explain to you about the impressive features of Ayamaya.

People love it because it offers huge rooms it is not just because of a room-size but also a good number of storage pockets it offers. There are also hang loops in its rooms.

It is for 4 to six people but spacious for 4 persons and adjustable for the six-person type. It has convenient design because of the two zippers and some fix buckles for easy access.

Lightweight tents are the best so that Ayamaya is you can carry this with you very easily it is just 8 lbs.

The most likable feature of this tent is its two ventilated doors and private windows with mesh and private curtains which people like the most. The air crossing of the tent is also up to the mark.

The waterproof feature is such a blessing in tents because your best trips can get worse because of the weather. Ayamaya is made up of high-quality waterproof material.

It is a durable tent as the polyester used to make it is 0f 190T. This is a multifunctional polyester.

Don’t worry about the price with such amazing features the price of this tent is also very reasonable.

Good Points

Ayamaya offers huge rooms with windows having privacy curtains and mesh. Ventilation is proper. It gives great protection from the sun and rain and a lightweight tent.


Zippers are not durable much and the sewing of the tent should be best too.

8: Timber Ridge Instant Cabin Tent for 6 person Reviews

Another one for dome lovers, Timber Ridge is also a dome type tent. It is based on an X-shaped structure created by the two main poles and this feature makes it more stable in windy conditions then the cabin type tents.

It is a 3 season tent which looks really cool. It is not a lightweight tool so you cannot take it along with you.

In size it is good it has 99 square ft. floor area which means if six persons are there in the tent then it provides more than 1.5 square meters per user which are good enough.

It is not a versatile one so there is no space for extra gears. It is actually for friends and not for families as such.

Timber Ridge has a great packed size. It comes itself in a carry bag with two straps which makes it easy to keep.

The tent is equipped with three poles made of fiberglass. The single door with mesh in the upper part creates a window it has a panel so you can close it raining easily.

Ventilation is ideal in Timber Ridge because the fly is minimal and has a lot of mesh which makes the better airflow in the tent.

People would love to know that it is a tent with such small pockets to keep your important and basic things in that.

It has a single D shaped door. The inner height is really good it is about 27 inches which means you can easily walk inside the tent.

Good Points

Timber Ridge is one of those tents which offer great height and size. The installation is very easy as well. The price is also great.


It is not suitable for rainy areas. There is no vestibule.

9: Big Agnes Flying Diamond Tent for six-person

At first, if you set it with two poles you will think it is a dome type tent then when you add another pole you will find that it can be a winter tent too.

Flying Diamond is not a dome type tent but a tunnel tent. It is not a freestanding one also. It is a three-season tent.

The division between rooms is quite easy in this tent between the main room and small room. Each part has a particular entrance in it.

The floor area of flying diamond is not as much Timber provides but still good enough. With the floor are about 92 square ft. it offers 1.42 square meter space to per person which makes sense that it is enough for six users.

You can call flying diamond a versatile or a multipurpose tent at the same time because it can be used anywhere where it can be staked out easily.

The coating of polyurethane is there in Flying Diamond tent which makes it good in waterproof tents rating.

The fly of the tent is of polyester rip- rop material and the floor is of polyester which proves that the material is good from which flying diamond is made up.

You would love to know that it has huge pockets, it is not about the size but the quantity, and there are 16 in total.

Due to the tunnel profile, the airflow is good in the tent. Vestibules inside can let you cook food in the tent as well.

Good Points

It is a functional tent that gives you complete protection. The material used for its manufacturing is reliable. It is a versatile one.


You would not go for it if you have a limited budget.

Above are some suggestions those you may consider before having a trip and to make your trip more fun go and check the article I am linking below.

How to build a campfire the Right Way

Final Verdict

Have you already selected a tent? If not then do read this article and choose the best tent according to your preferences for your outdoor trip and have a blast there.

All the above tents are good in their own way and possess different features. If the people going with you are all tall then you should prefer Coleman weather master.

If you are fond of view gazing then I think Eureka is the best option for you because of its large windows.

Flying diamond is a great option also because with other features it also has a great number of pockets.

So, do not wait and go select your best tent for 6 person for the next trip and make it more fun.

I would love to listen to the experience you will have after planning the trip after reading this.

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