Best Tent For Couples in 2020

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If you are planning to make most of your holiday with your partner, there is no better option than hiking or camping. So you might need the Best Tent for Couples.

Camping does wonder for you and works as a mind booster. With your partner, you may need a tent for two-person, which is lightweight, easier to carry and setup and is light on your pocket.

Those of you, intending to use their cars can always opt for the heavier options which can be carried easily in the car.

10 Best Tents For Couples In 2020

Photo Title Rating Buy
Tentsile Flite Plus Tree Tent
ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2-Person
FLYTOP 3-4 Season 1-2-person
HILLMAN Two Person Camping Tent
Coleman 2-Person Sundome Tent
Featherstone Outdoor UL Granite 2 Person
MOON LENCE Camping Tent 2 Person
Bessport Backpacking Tent 1-2 Person

Walking inside a camping gear shop will make you confused. It’s good to select a tent that is with your needs. Some of the features that should be considered before buying include; weather resistance, durability, and space.

Investing in a high-quality tent that will last for years will save you bucks and ensures that you and your family are in a safe zone. A tent that is for four seasons and can resist rain, wind, and snow is a perfect tent for everyone.

When planning for camping as a couple you don’t need to go for a large size tent since a tent for two is always the best option for two-person camping. There are different manufacturers and models available in the market that is selling high-quality tents for couples. 

Here, I am going to highlight the features of some best tent for couples to help you out in selecting one for you in your next camping.

1: Tentsile Flite Plus – 2 Person Ultralight Backpacking Portable

The tensile flite is an ideal tent for those who want to go a little wild in camping. It’s a two-person tent that is not quite a hammock and not quite a tent and encases you in a suspended pod-like structure to make you enjoy your camping experience.

The tent requires three tie-on points and comes with a three-point anchor system from which it can be tied and hanged. Finding an ideal place for setting up your tent is a bit tricky and may take some time but once your hammock is set up you are free to enjoy the camping experience in the air.

Depending on the environment and the condition, you can set your tent with three setting options; high hang regular hang or just pitching it on the ground if you don’t have trees near your camping site.

Weighing only about 7 pounds, this lightweight tent is perfect for hiking and bag packing. With such lightweight, it comes with all the features that a good tent should have. The sleeping area consists of a double tensioned hammock with dividing strap. The strap can be adjusted to create one or two hammock berths.

The rainfly comes with 5000 hydrostatic head and is made from 204D nylon composite fabric. The rainfly is removable and extends outward giving you a large area underneath the tent which can be used as storage space.

The floor of the tent is breathable which allows ventilation and makes the inside airy. The top is fully meshed and protects from the insects without hindering the view. Since tentsile is suspended like a hammock, this means that the people inside will face a little bounce when getting in and out of the tent. 

Lying down inside the tent may be one of your best experiences but sitting up may make it a little cramped. This tent may not be your conventional tent but it’s too unique and fun to give it a try.

2: ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2-Person Tent

Zephyr tents are available in 3 series from which the Zephyr 2 is designed for you and your special one to enjoy yourselves in this cozy comfortable tent all by yourself.

This tent is featured as the lightest weighted tent by Amazon on behalf of all the customers’ reviews. As the camping tent is made out of aluminum poles, it makes it ideally very portable and lightweight.

It is a semi pyramid structured tent with a moderate height rooftop. ALPS mountaineering camp is a very compact yet spacious camp for two people to fit and sleep with ease along with their sleeping bags

The camp is very unique from all others because it only consists of two poles which make it a free-standing camping tent and it can be assembled in no time as well. There is no complication or long guidelines involved in the setup of this tent.

There is already a savior for you designed to keep out the water on rainy nights and protect you and your partner from the dangerous ultraviolet rays. The polyester fly is made to cover the overall tent from top to bottom serving as weatherproof protection for all the 4 seasons.

With the addition to this, the boundary walls and two left and right doors are made up of pure soft mesh which provides a great crossing of air to maintain freshness inside your tent.

To keep your valuables safely in one place so you do not lose your precious stuff at camping, the tent comes along with mesh made pockets on the top roof and gear lofts on the lower downsides of the walls of the tent. 

The mesh pockets are made to carry light weighted things and they are also easily reachable for you. Now you can also purchase this comfy camping tent in two colors that are copper and gray.

3: FLYTOP 3-4 Season 1-2-person Double Layer Backpacking Tent Al

As the name of the tent makes it pretty clear, it is a tent which is suitable for all the four seasons. 4 season and 2 persons, what else could be perfect than the combination of these two for an ideal camping night?

The camp is perfectly built for the two people with the dimensions as follows: 6.3 x 6.3 x 18 inches of length width and a floor of: (23+59+23) x 83inches / (60+150+60) x 210cm with height: 45.28inches / 115cm.

To clear it up to you, the tent is capable of using in winter and heavy snow because it is fitted with a snow skirt so you do not have to worry about the snow building up on the roof of your tent.

Secondly, the tent’s interior is made up of pure mesh which improves the heating and keeps you warm and cozy during the cold nights.

The tent is known for its robust durable quality. With the extra double stitches on the hems of the tent makes it even stronger to remain stable under harsh weather conditions. Additionally, it is also waterproof which means you will stay dry and warm if you come across rainy days.

The poles are made up of aluminum which does not add up to its weight and thus, offers greater portability and lightweight. Hence this 2 person tent only weighs 2.7 kilograms!

This double-layered four-star rated tent is the perfect one for you and your partner for camping night. Plus, the camping tent is designed even if you plan on going camping on solo.

The traditional dome-shaped tent offers a quick and easy setup. It is made to be easily assembled without any help just by one person alone. The FLYTOP Double Layer Backpacking Tent Alcamp is an all-rounder for every adventure of yours, may it be hiking, trekking or climbing on the peaks. 

4: HILLMAN 3-4 Season 2 3 Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent Windproof Camping Tent

The perfect three-season tent is very good for summers, springs as well as autumn. You can enjoy the great ventilation through the mesh exterior and extra-large mesh windows.  Similarly, they are designed to keep the freshness during fall and spring as well.

The Hillman is a perfect choice even if you are on a solo camping trip because you no longer need to worry about needing a helping hand for assembling the tent. This difficulty is erased by the specialty of the tent because it is an easy set up camping tent.

In addition to this, the tent sets up pretty quickly in less than ten minutes so you do not have to go through the long guild lines.

Weight of the Hillman 2-3 person camping tent is just 2.3 kilograms, due to its aluminum structure. This makes it extremely lightweight and easy to carry along on all kinds of trips with other baggage.

Another quality of the tent is that its two-layer of stitching helps against the harmful ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, double-coated exterior and walls make the tent water-resistant and thus, you do not get wet in rainy weather.

The tent overall is along with its packaging measures 7x7x19.3 inches from walls, length, and width. The Floor is of: (23.6+55+23.6) x 82.7 x 47.2 (H) inches in dimension. It consists only of two foldable poles in total.

Along with protection from harsh weather conditions like cold and heat, the tent tends to keep off the dirt so you can pack up clean on the go. The mesh windows and interior of the tent is made up of high-quality nylon meshes. There is also a removable polyester fly included in the carry bag.

5: Coleman Sundome Tent

The Coleman Sundome backpacking tent is available in the capacity of 2, 3, 4 and 6 persons. With large windows, it’s an ideal tent for camping in summers. The free-standing dome-shaped design is easy to set up and is ideal for beginners.

The setting of a tent is very easy. The mechanism is pin and ring design with InstaClip attachment. It consists of a pair of fiberglass poles that are pushed through the sleeves. The peg rings are then needed to be attached to one end of the backpacking tent.

The ground vent helps push the warm air up and makes the inside comfortable and cozy. The weather protection system includes rainfly, welded corners, door awning, and inverted seams. All of which keeps the water from getting inside the tent. The flooring is made of heavy-duty polyethylene which keeps your sleeping space moisture-free.

The windows are meshed but are positioned at height. The meshed windows protect from the insects and maintain privacy inside the tent. An extra ventilation opening is present closing the door. Although the vestibules are not present to store the gears in this tent it comes with electrical access port and storage pockets.

Since the tent is heavy, it may not be your ideal camp if you are hiking on a motorbike and may only be a good choice if you have car access to your camping site.

6: Featherstone 2 Person Backpacking Tent Lightweight for 3-Season Outdoor Camp

This is an affordable backpacking tent for a couple under $100 by Featherstone. It has an interior dimension of around 31 square feet with a headroom of around 110cm.

It is a three-season tent and features two doors and two vestibules. The doors ensure an easy entrance and exit to the tent whereas the not so large vestibules give it a balance weight to livability ratio. 

The seams are taped and provide resistance with wind and rain. This tent is compatible with all kinds of camping the rainfly of this tent is made of polyester fabric with a decent waterproof coating of 3000mm hydrostatic resistance to keep you dry inside. 

It is robust and durable and can easily handle heavy rain.  The inner body of this tent is made of micro-mesh fabric which makes it breathable, reduces the condensation and offers a great view while you are sleeping inside.

The floor is a bathtub style and made of oxford nylon and coated with 3000mm hydrostatic resistance to make it waterproof. It also includes a free footprint and comes with a single aluminum pole structure. It is a free-standing camping tent which ensures you easy setup and packs up.

The inside of this backpacking tent includes aluminum and metal stakes, reflective guy line rope, pole repair splints and a waterproof footprint for added protection or ultralight set up. it also comes with 3 storage pockets to tuck in your flashlights, mobile phones, books or other camping essentials.

The mid pole structure of this tent maximizes the head and shoulder room to supply ample room for two people to chill, hang out and enjoy inside the tent.

With all these features and its lightweight, this tent can be easily carried and assembled within minutes, making it an ideal choice as a backpacking tent for couples.

7: BISINNA 2 Person Camping Tent Lightweight Backpacking Tent Waterproof Windproof Two

The very latest and top of the marketed tent available online for 2 people is the BISINNA camping tent. With the high quality upgraded features, the BISANNA camping tent is ideal for spending a peaceful relaxing camping night under a starry sky with your beloved person.

Even though the poles are made up of light-weighted aluminum, the tent is still strong enough to stay stable and fixed to the ground even under rough winds. The adjustable rainfly included in the portable backpack is made up of 1900T polyester which is thick enough to make the tent waterproof and ultraviolet rays proof as well. 

Yet the BISANNI tent is designed in a way that the mesh interior provides freshness and allows ventilation and good air passage. Since it is made especially for couples, it can be used in various kinds of adventures including hiking, bonfire, trekking and even a relaxing day for fishing.

Two people in this tent can easily be accommodated along with their airbags side by side. With an addition of two durable wind ropes, the tent is capable of withstanding during the stormy and windy or rainy weather.

It may seem difficult to assemble this tent as it is measured to be about the size of (23.6+55+23.6) x 82.7 x 47.2 inches. But no, the tent is very easy to assemble in less than just 10 minutes and it can also be set up just by one single person without any help or extra instructions.

The thing that attracts most customers to purchase this tent for their special trip is that even if you are not satisfied with the product, the company will offer you a full refund or a brand new product delivered at your address just when you need it.

8: MOON LENCE Compact Camping Tent 2 Person Backpacking Tent Double Layer Outdoor

If you are looking forward to a thrilling camping experience with your loved one, then MOON LENCE Compact Camping Tent is the perfect choice for you. Whether you are going to camp in the car or on a mountain, this tent serves you the best of comfort in all situations.

It is a great pick for those who are planning to travel and enjoy on a budget as well because this camping tent is one of the best camping tents for couples under $100.

The tent is very portable due to its compact size yet it is spacious enough for two people to fit in with full comfort. It has a size of only 220 * 140 * 120 centimeters side by side without the packaging and 46 * 15 * 15 centimeters with the carry bag included. The height of the tent allowed you to move around easily without scorching your back.

The rainfly included in the carry bag is made up of 190T material which protects against the ultraviolet rays as well as makes the tent water-resistant. The tent is stable enough to stay in place even during rough and unexpected weather conditions.

The specially designed of this tent can be opened and closed on your choice. These vents are a great way for the cool air to escape and to keep the water out of your tent. Plus, they serve as the door to keeping out the moisture and dampness inside the tent during humid weather.

The most significant thing about buying this camp from Amazon online is that it involves no risk such as losing money or receiving a cheap quality product.

The sellers are very promising in the matter of providing a refund to customer’s choice and even offer a lifetime warranty for the durability of the camping tent. However, the long-lasting feature of tent depends on its usage as well.

9: Bessport Camping Tent 1 and 2 Person Lightweight Backpacking T

This is a three-season tent which is spacious enough for two-person. The tent comes with two, D shaped doors and vestibules that increase the overall space of the tent-making it comfortable and roomy for you. It weighs 5.2 pounds and can be carried easily for two persons to enjoy their camping.

The zippers attached to the doors and vestibules come with a weather-resistant zipper cuff adding and enhancing the protection from the water from getting inside the tent. The zipper is two ways, which makes it easier and convenient for you to get in and out of the tent.

The seam-taped construction of the tent makes it weather resistant and makes an impassable barrier against rain thereby preventing the occurrence of leakage. The full-coverage rainfly ensures there’s no entrance of rain in the tent.

Apart from leakage protection, this tent offers you a welded floor design that elevates the bottom of the tent and protects the ground from getting wet.

For ventilation, this tent comes with micromesh paneled walls that make the inside of the tent airy and also keeps the bug away whereas the ripstop offers you your privacy and wind resistance without making any hindrance in letting you enjoy the view.

It can be assembled easily by inserting the poles into the slops and hooking the clip up to the poles. Once the tent is assembled, you will have two living rooms on each side between the screen and the door 

This tent is easy to set up and because of its lightweight. It can be moved and relocated without the hassle of disassembling the setup. It sets an example of a supreme balance between size and weight.

 10: Hyke&Byke Zion 1 and 2 Person Backpacking Tents with Footprint – Lightweight

Design to the ultimate, this tent is made for those who want to enjoy backpacking and camping adventures. This tent comes with all the promising features some of them including, footprint, ultralight aluminum stakes, a removable gear loft pocket, and an exclusive stake presser so you don’t have to go for the hassle of buying the camping essentials separately.

The Hyke and Byke Zion backpacking tent is all in one package for two people and features a single-pole, two vestibules, and a main and gear door. With all this, you can easily set up this tent with your partner and enjoy your camping with plenty of room inside.

Although, its lightweight but have a sturdy and tough structure. The rainfly and floor of the tent is constructed with non-stretchable polyester fabric with added ripstop increasing the durability while the stakes are made of aluminum alloy. This creates an ultra-strong and ultra-light exterior for the shell and front of this tent.

It is a three-season tent with a single-pole structure. The pole has a clip pole attachment which makes it an easy setup camping tent and improves the breathability of the tent inside. The meshed walls ensure proper ventilation and prevent condensation. 

The design comes with the features of bathtub flooring and seam-taped floor to keep out the rain during storms. The vestibule design and corner pockets are also provided with the tent for additional storage.

Although, being a bit expensive, the tent comes with a lifetime warranty. This shows the trust and confidence that the manufacturers have on their products. There are chances that this tent will rarely underperform. In case of any mishap, the tent can be easily replaced with the new one. This attracts the customer towards buying this tent for their back-packing adventures.

Final Words

Great backpacking trips start with the right shelter, whether it’s camping at beach, dessert or a forest. To enjoy your camping trip at its best a tent that can offer you protection and comfort with a suitable room is the best choice.

When you go and search the market for your ideal tents you will find several options but only a few will stick to their features when it comes to the real situation. So, here you have to choose wisely because once you have done this, your adventure would sound good and safe.

With all the substantial details given regarding the best tent for couples, it will be now easier for you to select the one that will be by your needs and budget.

Do comment below to share your opinion with me. 

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