What’re the Best Tents For Tall People in 2021

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Being very tall brings many challenges for you in your daily life. From finding big enough cloths to crouching to go through doors there are many issues that tall people face. For tall people getting fit into tenting camps is another great challenge.  

If you are a taller person then you must know there is nothing more annoying than waking up with your head touched with a tent wall and often catch your head on the entrance. But, you do not need to get worried anymore. We have got the solution for you and brought you the best camping tents which are designed especially for tall persons.

If you are a camping enthusiast and often go camping with your friends or family then you must be in search of the best tents for tall people.  You do not need to go anywhere as this right guide is for you.

8 Best Tents For Tall People

 In this article, I have reviewed and listed the best tents. Unlike other regular tents, these roomy designed tents are comfortably 6″8 tall with even extra inches to spare, and you will not need to crouch any more.

In case if you are planning your camping trip with your partner, and are looking for the best camping tent for two persons, then you must check out the following link Best 2 person camping tents.

All the products mention in the following list are top-notch and are ideal for tall persons. They all are the best models that allow you easy entry and exit.

Let’s check out the reviews.

1: The Original-Authentic Standing Room Family Cabin

If you are looking for a budget-friendly tent for tall people then you must check out this product. This camping tent is packed with amazing features and is one of the best tents for 4 tall persons. Moreover, this tent is easy to set up, and carry.

Standing Room Family Cabin has an excellent shelter with vertical walls in which any tall person can easily stand up. This camping tent is designed for canopies, and also it features 8.5 feet of headroom, which allows you to stand up, walk around, and stretch around comfortably even in the corner.

It comes with a full waterproof best quality fabric ceiling, which ensures you stay dry full time. Moreover, it features the full “tub style” floor, which is nearly 10’*10’. Also, canopy or gazebo with a vaulted roof can be used as a cover and the support for this tent.

The original authentic family cabin comes with attaching to canopy hooks and easy-to-follow assembly instructions. The tent set up is fast, and easy, and can be set up into minutes. Also, it has included a separate storage bag for a tent. This camping is ideal for a large person, and can easily accommodate 4 persons.

If you are searching for the best tent that can accommodate six persons easily then check out the following article Best tent for six persons.

Standing room family cabin has two large size separate doors and two giant zippered windows as well. Moreover, the XL model has four doors, and zippered skylight, which allows the campers to be entered, and exited easily from any side. Also, it can “stack” two or more tents together for more rooms. 

The best thing about this tent is it has four convenient storage pouches, which are situated in the perimeter of this large tent for cell phones, toiletries, extra batteries, and so on. There are also loop ties that are situated in the perimeter of the tent for hanging towels, clothes, etc. 

The room family cabin tent gives is customer 30 days money-back guarantee, and also ensures you that you will be 100% satisfied. 

2: Core 12 Person Extra Large Cabin Tent 

If you are planning your camping with your squad, and are looking for the best tent for 12 persons then this tall camping tent is for you. Core 12 Person Extra Large Cabin Tent is listed in the best tall camping tents and is ideal for a large group of people. 

Moreover, it is one of the largest camping tents from the Core brand, in which 4 queen size air mattresses can easily be fitted.  There is a huge inverted T-shaped double door at the front of this tent, and the tent has yet another large D-shaped door at the back from tall people that can easily enter, and exist.

They’re also a removable divider included in the tent, which makes it officially a 2-room construction. With the divider, there is a sleeping space 11 x 5.5 feet, and a living room 11 x 10.5 feet as well.

For ventilation, the tent has 6 separate windows with 3 windows on the doors. Each of them is double-layer structures with mesh and zippered panels that is an incredibly pleasant construction for family camping.

The structure of this tent is designed especially for extra tall persons.  This extra-large camping tent has a 16′ x 11′ floor space, and a peak height of 86″, which will allow your whole squad to stand, stretch, and move around with comfort. It is a free-standing, and cabin style tent.

This tent has 8 vertical, and thick legs poles with 4 roof poles, and one awning pole. Moreover, the poles are durable as they are made up of fiberglass. The sides and roof of the tent are made up of polyester and is waterproof. And the floor is constructed from polyethylene.

This tent comes with an electric port and a couple of small pockets on the wall. There is also a lantern hook located at the center of the ceiling. Moreover, this extra-large tent gives you one year warranty.

3: Toogh 6 Person Camping Big Horn Tent 

Bighorn is one of the best tall 6 person tents. The structure of this tent is like a hexagon and it can easily accommodate at least six persons. It is made up of 100% polyester and is durable. Moreover, this tent is easy to carry and is suitable for, traveling, fishing, camping, and hiking.

The outer of the tent has a waterproof level of 3000mm, which is constructed of 210D oxford with fabric Silicone Coating. The floor of the tent has also a waterproof level of 3000mm that is made of PE. Moreover, there are rain fly accessories that provide extra protection in the inclement season.

It comes with an advanced venting system, which uses the adjustable air intake vent that is designed to draw in cool air from the floor while the mesh ceiling permits hot air to escape keeping you comfortable in all weather.

Polyester non-stretch fabric is being used in the rainfly and floor of this tent along with added rip-stop for reliability and is created for an ultra-light and ultra-strong exterior for the shell, and floor of the tent.

It has a unique and incredible structure for easy and fast setup. Also, it has a unique hub design, and pole clips, which quickly snap over the fiberglass tent poles. Moreover, the structure of this tent is large enough that allows tall persons to easily get fitted into it without bending their knees.

It is a very lightweight tent with an extremely thick mosquito net that gives better ventilation and protects you against mosquito bites. These 6 people camping tent has 1 door, and the mesh windows that permit the air to come in, and keep the mosquito out.

The best part about this tent that we liked is it offers 24-hour free customer service and a 12-month satisfaction guarantee for a risk-free purchase. Moreover, it also gives you the option to e-mail them in any case of complaint.

4: Hewolf Waterproof Instant Camping Tent

If you are in search of an easy, quick way to set up, and break camp at any time while still enjoy the cozy, and an overall great camping trip then Hewolf Waterproof Instant Camping Tent is for you. This tent can easily accommodate 2 to 3 adults or 4 children.

 It is one of the best tall pop-up tents. This tent is designed for people who pursuit fast, and easy setup. Its unique design saves your time to sort out your poles, and flysheet, and the fast Pop up makes it super easy to set. It also gives you a lifetime guarantee and free pole replacement offer. 

This easy pop-up tent is made for heavy weather but made of lightweight materials, the roomy all season, Hewolf camping tent is constructed for backcountry adventuring. The tent ships with aluminum poles that provide support to the door canopy.

The dimension of the base of this tent is 80 inches across, and it is hexagonal with 5 inches height. And the floor space has a dimension of 40.1 x 7 x 6.7 inches that provides enough room for both storages, and sleeping area. Moreover, it has an extra storage room that keeps your stuff always organized. 

This tent is super reliable and is constructed of a nylon tarp hybrid material. And it is roomy enough for a queen-sized air mattress, which provides comfort during your outdoor activities. Moreover, it comes complete with a vestibule for the additional space, and a mudroom. 

This waterproof tent is also equipped with a double-layered rain fly, which provides cover at the top of the tent. Its waterproof features are designed possible by using high quality resilient 190T polyester, which works great in water repellent. 

It’s both the inner layer and the outer layer is constructed from 190T polyester material. Hewolf instant camp also comes with two poles, tent stakes, and two windproof ropes.

5: ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 4

Another great tent on the list is ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 4 Tent. It is a finely designed cabin style tent and is one of the ideal tents for car camping. It is a fully freestanding tall camping tent with a pleasant structure that comes with windows on all sides. All the windows are double layer type with mesh, and waterproof panels for protection, and privacy.

With the weight of 20 lb (9.07-kilogram), this heavy structure tent is specially designed to be used at places with car access. The poles of this tent are a combination of steel, and fiberglass, it means all corner poles are strong 19 mm steel tubes. And the tube on the roof is 11 mm fiberglass.

The fly and the floor of the camp creek made up of polyester with a waterproof rating of 1500 mm, which quite enough for 1 to 2 seasons is camping. The fly is quite durable 75D 185T polyester but the floor is much more reliable and used than 150 D polyester. All seams are factory-sealed.

The Camp Creek 4 features four windows, and one door and a peak center height of 7′ 0 that is 20 inches more than the average height of the 134 various 4 person tents. This tent is super breathable as the one door, and four windows allow great ventilation.

This tent can easily accommodate 4 persons and is suitable for a small group of people. This tent is ideal for summer camping as this tent comes with lots of mesh on the roof, and this does not keep the environment warm.

6: Happybuy Bell Tent Canvas Tent 4-Season

If you are planning your holiday camping with your squad and looking for tall grow tents then you must check out this product. All Canvas tents including this one are suitable for all seasons, and practically all weathers, and climates. They all are naturally breathable and have waterproof constructions.

Happybuy Bell Tent Canvas is made up of cotton fabric, which is of high quality with waterproof treatment and has taped the stitched seam. Also, this tent comes with a stove hole. Moreover, this tent is more reliable to resist winds, rain, and snow.

It has easy installation and disassembles. The accessories for installation have included with the tent, and one person can easily assemble in less than 15 min.

This is an all-season design bell tent that is suitable for all weather. As this tent comes with a stove hole so, in winters, you can install a stove to stay warm. This tent also allows you to roll up the whole sidewall for great airflow, and view.

Canvas 4 season tent is highly breathable, and safe. This tent has a great quality mesh screen door, and windows with a zipper that allows you to open the tent for cool air or a view without worrying about bugs or other reptiles. It comes with 4 top holes for smooth exhaust.

This tent is made for a large group of people and has a super large capacity. Moreover, it has a 3m dia. bell tent, which usually can fit 3-5 persons sleeping on inflatable mattresses. It has a capacity of about 8 or 10 more people. Moreover, the size of this large tent is perfect to fit a camping bed, small table, and still have plenty of room to move around, and hang out in the camp.

This tent comes with firm and stable support. It features strong steel center poles, galvanized frame tubes, tight nylon rope, and wind rope nails that are provided for installation. It is firm and stable enough to resist strong breeze, rain or even snow.

7: Alvantor Screen House Room Outdoor Camping Tent 

Alvantor is one of the best companies that sell a high-quality product. It is always on the top-notch. Alvantor Screen House Room camping tent has enough capacity to accommodate a large group of persons. 

It comes with spacious space and great ventilation. Alvantor Breezy has 10 Mesh Walls Screen House is 15’x15’x8.5’H, which provides a spacious interior shelter that easily accommodates 12-15 adults. Also, there are 10 mesh tent walls panel supply with 360-degree ventilation for better dissipation of body heat, and smell, and for amazing views of outdoors at the same time.

The Alvantor screen house tent is made up of top fabric that provides all-day UPF 50+ UV protection against the burning sun. It also helps in providing shade, and rain protection. Moreover, there are two big entrance doors with two side silicone zippers, which is easy to zip from inside and outside alike.

This large tent comes with 10 mesh netting screen walls to safeguard your family, and food from pesky mosquitoes, flies and other reptiles. Also, there is an additional hook given in the tent for your coat, bag or something else. Also, there are 10 elongated sandbags, 20 guylines, and 20 metal mounting stakes that provide extra stability in windy situations.

It is super easy to pop up, and can easily be folded down. With creative fiberglass ribs, it can automatically open, pop up in a second, and there are no additional tools required. Also, it has a smart folding technique that is easy to fold down, and make carry bag diameter 44.8”x3.2”. The design of this tent is super awesome that makes travel and camping simpler, and easy.

As a United States-based company, Alvantor is a registered trademark, and gives you 100% satisfaction, and guarantee. It offers a one-year limited warranty. You can contact the company if you are not satisfied with the service. They will provide you speedy service from their office.

8: Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

The Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent is one of the best sellers on Amazon and is one of the best waterproof tent products available in the market. The material used in the construction of this tent is of high quality.  This is an all-purpose, all-season tent. Moreover, all the items necessary to set it up are included in the tent.

This camping tent has lots of rooms, which are 10 x 15 feet with a maximum ceiling of 7 ft. 3 in. Moreover, the performance of this tent is amazing. It delivers the best performance and offers plenty of ventilation during summer. The materials used in the tent are solid too so you do not have to worry about the tent toppling.

This family tent performs great as an all-season tent. It has a 150D oxford floor that is twice a heavy as a nylon floor, and is sturdier and gives extra durability. This tent is best for families who want to camp for long periods. It also has two sizable rooms that offer privacy for everyone. 

There are also fly buckles that are also adjustable and is ideal for the people who want full control over their tents. The overall performance of this tent is very kind and allows you to use it in different terrains, and environments.

Bighorn tent comes with three windows for super ventilation.  There are also several mesh storage pockets are provided that allow you to store various things.

Moreover, this tent is very easy to assemble owing to the 3 pole design. The setup of the tent is made more convenient by the steel uprights with the fiberglass poles, and steel stakes are bundled in as well.

Final Words

The best tenting camp for a tall person is the ones in which you can stand up easily. Above was the list I have prepared in the best tent for tall persons. I hope the above product review will help you to choose the best one for you.

Each tent mentioned in the list comes with longer dimensions so that a taller person over 6 feet can easily lie down in without having bent scrunched up legs. Moreover, every tent comes with high ceilings that are ideal for tall people.

All the above-mentioned tents are easy to carry and set up. As they all made up of the best quality they all are durable and reliable. Moreover, these tents are designed for tall persons so, these camping tents are quite roomy, and have enough space, which allows you to get fitted easily into it. 

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