10 Best Tents With Screen Room For Camping in 2022

Here you have a list of best tents with screen room, with a variety of sizes and styles, and with the capacity of 6 – 20 people all in the range of 100 – 279 ft² (9 – 26 m²).

The screen room is a type of enclosure that separates you from the outdoors and protects you from bugs and mosquitoes. It is a cheap, simple, and sheltered space of living.

People usually buy the best screen room tents for camping separately for satisfaction but I am in this article will give the best tent options with screen rooms so you do not have to buy one.

Top Best Tents With Screen Room 2022 at a Glance reviews

The screen room just not only helps the tent to look like one piece but it also saves you from harsh weather and provides shelter during storms and heavy rain.

The best tent with you on your trip is mandatory whether the trip is with your family to the campsite or any adventurous trip with your group of friends, but if the tent is equipped with a screen room then it is the best tent to be chosen for the trip.

Below I am listing some good picks according to quality, price, and some other features of the best-camping tent with screen room. Pick the most suitable one that has great trip friends.

1: Coleman Steel Creek Best screen tent for camping

Top Pick
Coleman Steel Creek Best screen tent for camping

Best Screen Tent For Camping

Let’s start with our first best tent, it is an extended dome type tent. Coleman steel creek has a fast pitch system which you can guess from its name also.
The whole tent is not a freestanding tent but the dome part is freestanding. You just have to stake the screen room to the ground.

The declared capacity of this tent is for 6 people with a 140 square ft. floor area. The capacity is good enough but if you want to be comfortable and free throughout your trip then always try to keep fewer people from the declared capacity.

The screen area of the Coleman steel tent is not fully protected from rain so you can’t keep your stuff there, but you can use it for cooking purposes.

You can call it summer camping or a mild weather camping tent because it has a lot of mesh and there is no system to close it which means it cannot keep the warmth.

Coleman Steel Creek Best screen tent for camping

But still, if you are in search of a cooler environment tent with the same capacity then you can check these best screen room tents.

Weight-wise, it is a heavy tent of 8.62 kg; it can be used only when you have car access.

The tent has two rooms and the screen room is covered with the fly and without panel angled walls, which exposes the screen to the rain, so it is not fully protected.

It has some inner pockets inside and an e-port. It is equipped with a bathtub floor. It is not suitable for areas with a lot of rain.

It provides perfect airflow.

  • Affordable pricenVersatile and a functional tentnGood area organizationnGood looking tent with screen room
  • A bit low tent

2: Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room Review 

Pick In 2021
Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room Review

Best Cabin Tent with Screen Room

It is a luxurious family tent with a screen room. It has a total of two rooms which include a spacious front screen room and another big room. The main room has a domed shape roof and both rooms are equipped with a full mesh ceilings.

The tent has vertical straight and high walls and huge windows which show that it is a cabin type tent. The huge windows make you feel at home. The tent is high with an amazing height of 86.4 inches.

Core 11 is equipped with a minimal rainfly that protects the ceiling only and the height of the tent makes it unstable for strong winds.

It is not a freestanding tent. It has an incredible weight of 11 kg with such an enormous floor area and amazing height.

It is a dome-shaped tent and it cannot bear pressure on its roof so do not camp it in snowy areas.

The surface of Core 11 does not protect the warmth so try to use it in mild weather conditions and stay tension-free.

 Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room Review 

The declared capacity of the tent is for 11 people with a floor area of 204 square ft. but if you think that you can fit your family in some smaller tent to save your money then you can check the Best 10 People’s Tents for this.

It is said that it is 3 season tent but it is not made for harsh weather conditions. There is no exact information about its waterproofness.

The ventilation game is strong in this tent because of the large big windows which maintain the airflow. There are two ventilation openings on the side of the tents you can open and close them according to your choice.

It has several mesh pockets inside it along with the gear loft with a lantern hook and an electric port.

  • Great floor areanSpacious onenGood packed sizenAmazing weightn2 large rooms
  • Only one external door

3: Large 10 Person Family Cabin Tent

Best Budget
Large 10 Person Family Cabin Tent

Best Tent For 10 Person Family Cabin Tent

Here we have another best tent. It is a cabin tent with a front porch in it. 
The declared capacity is for 10 people with a floor area of 150 square ft. and the area of the screen room is 50 square ft. 

You can call it one of the very tall tents because of its peak height which is 7 ft. and 2 inches. 

There are two rooms with separate doors as well as entrance and exit doors are separate. The tent is a typical cabin style that comes with a removable divider that arranges the inner side into two rooms.

The additional and attractive feature of this tent is its front porch which is with a removable floor. The sides of the porch only mesh without panels.  So the mesh on the porch can only protect you from insects. 

There are 6 large windows in this cabin-style tent that are with mesh and zippered panels. 

Once again it is not suggested to use this tent in windy or rainy areas because of its boxy structure, use it for summer camping.

This enormous tent has 23 kg weight which is not at all lightweight but due to the steel poles you have, the weight is justified. It has good packed size as well.

 Large 10 Person Family Cabin Tent

A removable porch makes the tent versatile. It is easy to roll it out when you cook under the porch or dry wet clothing.

The floor of the tent is made up of bathtub construction so you are safe from external damage.

It comes with an e-cable port and two storage sets on the walls of the tent.😃

  • Well –constructed tentnFront porchnGreat sizenGood packed sizenE-cable port
  • A bit heavy

4: Coleman Elite Weather Master Screened 6 Tent

Top Rated
Coleman Elite Weather Master Screened 6 Tent

Best Weather Master Screened 6 Tent

A cabin tunnel type tent and it has so many good features which we are going to discuss.
It has an interesting feature which makes it different from the other tents, many of you have already guessed it because in its name it is mentioned “Elite” which is named because of the built-in LED feature.

The tent has a non-freestanding structure so have you to stake it down to make it work properly.

There is a screen room in this tent which is not fully protected from rain but there is a fly to protect you so you can cook and sit there, it keeps you safe from insects and mosquitoes. 

The floor area we get from this tent is about 153 square ft. the declared area is for six people still some space can be managed in a screen room but it would not be more comfortable then.

It is not a tent to be camped in cold places and it is more functional in summer camping. Due to some leakage issues, it is suggested that not to camp it in rainy places.

Coleman Elite Weather Master Screened 6 Tent

A heavy tent with 18.6 kg weight is as there are no floor vents still ventilation is not an issue because the airflow is maintained through a screen room ceiling area is all mesh also.

It takes 20-25 minutes to set up this tent. There are very few storage pockets as compared to the empty spaces.

On the bright side, as you all know about its built-in LED feature, which bright overhead illumination. There is a wall switch that helps you to choose high, low, and nightlight modes. It is also known because of its hinged doors.

  • Incredible size and pricenBuilt-in LEDnLivable tentn2 rooms and screen room
  • Non-freestanding

5: Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Best Choice
Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Tent with Convertible Screen Room for Family Camping

It is a cabin-style tent with high straight steep walls. Wenzel 8 Klondike is a dome-style tent.
As it is not a Freestanding Tent so it must be staked properly to the ground whenever you have to pitch it.
The declared capacity is for 8 people with a floor area of 98 square ft. of the main room and 60 square ft. of the screen room. But it is good to use it for 5 to 6 people.

It is a luxurious tent for couples with a huge main room and a screen room for sitting as well. 

In the screen room, it is all mesh but it is equipped with panels so that it is easy to zip it or unzip it anytime so in the case of rain you can zip it for protection.

The floor of the screen room is just like the main room and all the other functions are also the same but the ceiling is a bit lower and you cannot stand there.

The tent is with a single door and the entrance is on the front porch side. The door is equipped with an inverted T-shape zipper protected by a storm flap and it works well.

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

The tent has an easy setup. Only 20 minutes’ time is required by one person to set the tent to make it work properly.

Due to the main room with big windows and a mesh ceiling, the ventilation is good in this tent. Also, there are ventilation openings that you can open and close if you want.

  • Great and affordable pricenGood enough weightnEasy to usen2 roomsnEasy setup
  • Not a freestanding tentnOnly one doornNot suitable for heavy rains

6: Gazelle 26800 T4 Plus Pop up Tent

5 Star
Gazelle 26800 T4 Plus Pop up Tent

Best 26800 T4 Plus Portable Camping Hub Tent

It is a portable camping hub tent. It is a pre-attached frame and a semi-instant setup. It is a tall tent with a removable floor. It is like a cabin-style tent.
Gazelle is a fast setup tent. It is said that it takes 90 minutes to set up this tent. This is not a freestanding tent. So remember it if you will not stake it properly it will collapse.

There is a total of 2 rooms with the removable floor there is an additional feature is Velcro tabs running around the perimeter with hooks in the corner. It is best to keep all insects outside the tent.

The declared capacity is for 8 people with the floor area of 110 square ft. and offers enough space per person without any extra storage gear.

It is a 3 season tent with rain protection but the ceiling is full mesh and it will not keep you warm in cold weather.

Gazelle 26800 T4 Plus Pop up Tent

There is no such information related to it being waterproof but mostly it is heard that it will not leak. But try to avoid using it in windy and rainy places.

It is not a portable tent because of its weight which is 21 kg so car access is a must for this tent. The packed size of Gazelle is also great just a bit of space is required in the car.

You would not find any kind of floor vents inside the tent but ventilation is so good still because of the plenty of mesh windows, front screen rooms, and the ceiling in both rooms.

Additionally, it has a removable gear loft and two side storage pockets, and four wall-mounted pouch pockets.

  • Functional enoughnGood looking and tall tentnMany windowsnStorage pouches nGear loft
  • Not fully protected from insectsnVery heavy

7: Ayamaya Pop-up Tent

Best Amazon Choice
Ayamaya Pop-up Tent

Top Pop Up Tents With Vestibule

It is the most productive and durable tent. If you haven’t found any tent to be camped at beaches then you are at the right option, it can be camped at beaches too.
The installation of the tent is very easy it takes a few seconds to pitch it anywhere you want to. Setting up Ayamaya Pop-up tent is fun.

It is a well decorated and ideal tent for small families which include 4 people max. it has one huge room for four people and a two-way zipper which helps you to operate the tent easily.

It offers two ventilated doors and privacy windows which you guys would definitely prefer. The doors and windows fully mesh with privacy curtains.

It is a reliable tent for harsh weather and lets you enjoy the snow and rain inside your tent. The material used makes this tent waterproof and perfect for challenging weather.

To make your trip more fun you can use a campfire option and for any information related to the campfire and stuff you can check this How To Build A Campfire The Right Way.

All the elements used in this tent are environment-friendly and non- toxic. It is a durable tent with amazing features.

 Ayamaya Pop-up Tent

It is a multi-purpose tent as it protects you from rain and sun, provides you shelter and you can also use it for a rain fly.

Including a huge room, it also offers storage pockets and a hang loop to keep your basic accessories like a charger, keys, and lamp in this.

There are two-floor vents to make the airflow better which makes this tent ventilated and provides good airflow.

  • Quick set up and easy installationnWaterproof tentnA ventilated lightweight tentnPrivacy curtains
  • No divider in this tentnPoor quality zippers

8: Ozark Trail Best Tents With Screen Room

Best budget
Ozark Trail Best Tents With Screen Room

Best Tents With Screen Room

An instant cabin tent that offers many incredible features let’s have a look at that. 
It has telescopic poles and straight tall walls. It has a total of 3 rooms to offer which means its main cabin is with a removable divider. It has an attached room on the rear side as well.

It has a T-shaped floor area of about 160 square ft. try to use this tent for a maximum of five to six people and if you have a large group of people then you must check some best screen room tents.          

Climate wise it is relatively suitable for the warm one because of the full mesh ceiling and minimal fly which is not preferable for cold climates. Hence, it is a summer camping tent and does not use it for the areas with a lot of rain.

There are two main doors when the divider attaches between them so each room has its own door for entrance.

 Ozark Trail Best Tents With Screen Room

Another extra feature of this tent is its awning which creates a great sitting area in front of the main entry door. Also, the awning is not fixed and can be rolled up when not in use.

There are two large mesh windows on the sides and two are on the front doors with panels for rain protection and the ceiling is all mesh, so in case no rain ventilation is good enough. But due to the absence of floor vents in this tent, it could be a suffocated tent when the panels are closed.

Inside the tent, you have an electric cable port, a few pockets on the wall, and a lantern hook in the center. 

  • Easy installationnBonus awning and a private roomnA good pricenLivable tent with four large windows
  • Small for the declared capacitynNo floor vents

9: Core Lighted 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Core Lighted 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Best Budget 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent

It is one of the best instant cabin tents with a screen room. It is a semi-freestanding tent with an integrated light system.
There is a total of 3 rooms from which two are main and then a screen room where there is also the main entrance. 

The tent will be fully functional only when you stake it properly because it is not a proper freestanding tent.

It is kind of a hybrid tent but still, it hardly takes two minutes to set up which makes it an instant tent.

There is a divider between the two main rooms and no floor in a screen room only mesh on the walls so you can only use it for sitting or cooking.

The tent has an incredible peak height of 84 inches. Each room has two large windows plus a large door with a mesh window. 

Additionally in the tent, we have a super amazing feature in this tent which is totally new and fascinating. Yes, I am talking about its lighting feature; the LED lights are built into the roof poles of the tent.

 Core Lighted 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent

The light switch is mounted to the tent wall and it is illuminating enough so that you can see it in the dark as well.

The floor area of the Core Lighted tent is 203 square ft. which is far from enough so it is a spacious tent that does not refuse to buy it.

As all above it is also a summer camping tent with a below-average rating of waterproofness.

The ventilation system inside the tent is perfect even when the panels are closed.😀

The tent has an E-cable zippered port for an external power supply in the camp. 

  • Equipped with floor vents and e-portnFunctional tent nWell-constructed structurenLighted tentnGreat height
  • Less area according to the declared capacitynHeavy tent

Wrapping Up

Thank you for reading my article, I hope somehow it helped you, and if you haven’t planned any trip yet then do plan a trip and follow my suggestion to make your trip amazing.

All the above tents are equipped with screen rooms and some have more different features like Ozark Trail Best Tents With Screen Room offers a bonus awning and a bonus private room at an affordable price.

We also have Core Lighted tent which offers and the additional feature of the LED light.

If you are in a hurry and can’t read the whole article so grab the details faster by just having a look at the pros and cons it will help you a lot.

In case of any queries further, you can use the comment box below and you can also use the comment box to share your experience.

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