50 Best Extra Large Family Camping Tents In 2021

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If you are looking for the best Extra large family camping tents this article is for you, in this guide I have reviewed the top 50 Tents that are available in the market.

Spending day and night out, gazing at the stars, and enjoying the serene nature with family, away from home, living the primitive life in the best large family camping tents is fun.

Who does not enjoy camping along with family? I think very rare people don’t find it attractive, but many people die to spend such memorable moments with their loved ones.

If you are thinking to go camping, the first thing to hit you will be the place to live. There are many tents available in the market that provides you with the comfort of home. But here, I will talk about the best tent for family camping with huge size that will go best if you are planning to go camping with your family or a large group of friends.

Maybe many of you have used or at least might have heard of the various camps and tents available. Here, I will help you find out the right camping tent that will serve you like a home, away from your home.

Table of Contents

To select the extra large family camping tents in 2021, consider the following things.

  • The number of people, since there is no industry standard that provides you per person tent dimension.
  • Go for a close fit tent if you are seeking for more room.
  • Upsize your tent capacity if your group has an overweight person or if you have persons that toss and turn at night.
  • Consider the material of camp in accordance with the season and weather.
  • Check for the ventilation system.
  • Height of the camp.

Here, I have made a list of few worthy large tents and am going to share with you it will serve for a large family camping set up or will be helpful for those who need more room for camping.

So here we go.

1: Vango Capri 400 Tent, X-Large, Herbal (large tents for family camping)

Vango Capri 400 is an amazing spacious tent so far. Quick picking and patching are possible as it features flysheet and inner pitch.

Your only ten minutes are required to set up the tent as its installation and assembly is really stress-free and will not take you much time.

It is commodious enough for almost 4 adults and therefore, it is a largest tent for family camping .

Inside the tent you will find two rooms there of great head height, then there are a sufficient amount of windows, you can have two separate entrances in Vango Capri with appropriate ventilation.

Additionally, Vango also features a built-in front canopy in order to provide shelter in rains and you can use it as a shade when the sun is too much on your face.

Vango Capri is a waterproof tent that has a screen room, also waterproof. It is a durable tent, you can call it a large light tent also because it only weighs 14.5 kg, and this is very impressive.

If you are looking for something roomy than this then you can check the article that is the best 10 person tents.

Main Features

  • Large camping tent best for families
  • Can accommodate 4 people
  • Offers easy setups which save your efforts and time
  • Features built-in front canopy saves extra cost
  • Offers two bedrooms
  • Fits four thin beds
  • It has two entrances
  • Offers good ventilation
  • It has a waterproof screen room
  • So many windows with having two options for opening
  • Durable as well as reliable
  • features waterproof polyester flysheet

2: Guide Gear Deluxe 18′ x 18′ Teepee Tent

If you have an average number of people up for a camping night then the Guide Gear Deluxe 18′ x 18′ Teepee Tent is perfect to board up to 8 of them easily.

The size of the flooring of this tent is 54″w. x 51″h. with a top roof at a height of 9’10”, and outer dimensions of the camping tent are of considerable size 18’l. X 18’w. X 9’10″h. it is lightweight and weighs only about 34 pounds.

Additionally, the floor is designed in two layers so that you can leave your pets as well as the dirty footwear outside. Also, with the extra layer of polyurethane coating, it makes the overall tent totally waterproof.

It also features 4 windows that can either be used as a shield from harsh rainy nights or allow sunrays for keeping you warm inside the tent. Furthermore, the quality of mesh restricts any kind of bugs and for instance, mosquitoes, fly, and beetles

One of the best things about this tent is there are partitions provided so that you can keep your privacy by dividing the rooms with a zipper lockage.

Similarly, like other tents, it requires no support for the middle pole to stand upright. Therefore, you are free from the ground digging mess to fit the pole as it is already provided.

Main Features

  • Waterproof doors, and windows helpful for rainy weather
  • Bugs protection
  • Accommodates up to 8 people best for large families
  • Extra space for pets also have a dog door
  • Zipper doors for dividers
  • Pole stabilizer 
  • Easily adjustable

3: CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent – 14′ x 9 (large family tent)

I suggest core instant cabin tent for large family people or for more than two couples are planning for a trip or maybe a big group of friends.

I have a piece of good news for lazy people, you guys only have to invest your 60 seconds and the tent will be all set.  The setup requires just simple unpacking and unfolding because the poles are pre-attached.

It equips rain-resistant doors and windows. Active bead technology is behind the fast runoff of water. The removable and fully-taped rain fly is another good feature of a core cabin tent in warm weather. It helps you to take advantage of mesh windows and ceilings.

Its ventilation trait is so valid for all seasons. There is an air intake from the ground and at the same time mesh ceilings let the hot air escape, and the tent remain so pleasant with proper ventilation.

A core person tent is equipped with a large double door that offers easy access. It also features hanging pockets for random stuff to be kept. It is a family tent.

Main Features

  • Accommodates 9 people
  • Offers adjustable ventilation
  • Preferable for all seasons
  • Equipped with H20 block fabric
  • Fits 2 air beds
  • Easy setup in 60 seconds
  • Features removable rainfly
  • Offers 78 inches headspace
  • A waterproof and windproof tent
  • Spacious tent for family

4: Stout Bell Tent

Stout Tent is the largest camping tent and one of the most trusted, highest-rated companies in the Glamping tent. It is made up of a 100% cotton canvas tent with single-pole construction.

This is an impressive 100% natural cotton canvas tent, with a breathable material that is also fully waterproof. In addition to this, it’s also treated with a waterproofing substance so the water beads up and falls down from the canvas

This tent is suitable for use in hot, and cold creating a cool environment that you can never have in the synthetic material tent. Moreover, it can also insulate in warm temperatures to keep the inside cool.

This tent is bell-shaped, so you have a single supporting pole, a conical roof, and a vertical circular wall on the sides. Since such tents are never freestanding, so you have to take it down properly to keep it up when you raise the pole. 

It is one of the best canvas tents on the list. This canvas tent comprises of a single room structure, so you have one door. The door is double layered with bug netting, and with canvas outer layer. It features 4 oval windows on the vertical wall, all double-layer with mesh, and canvas.

The canvas wall can be unzipped and fixed to the upper structure with straps and toggles, and you will still have complete protection from insects. The bug wall can also roll-up. With all this setup this canvas tents weigh a bit too much and is ideal if you are going camping in a car.

Moreover, it comes with ready to use, wood-burning stove, which is provided inside the tent. The stove jack, if not in use, can be covered with the canvas cover with Velcro.

Main Features

  • can accommodate 6-8 person
  • Available in 2 sizes. (4M and 5M)
  • It is suitable for all seasons.
  • made of 100% cotton making it breathable
  • It comes with an integrated stove jack.
  • 4 windows
  • two electronic cable ports
  • zipped in groundsheet
  • comes with sturdy rebar stakes
  • vents on the top for vertical airflow, and circulation
  • The bell shape helps in snow

5: NTK Super Arizona GT up to 12 Person Best for huge family camping

NTK super Arizona is a spectacular tent. It is built with a 20 cm bath flooring in order to survive the weather.

A premium quality tent that has a good space to offer, it is a 12 person large tent, which means there is enough space for two families to stay in.

Inside the tent, there are two doors and three windows and a detachable room divider. It offers a great head height that is 6.9 ft. for your maximum comfort.

It features 100 percent virgin NANO-FLEX shock-absorbed fiberglass rods of increased diameter and double gold plated ferrules, aluminum Pin-and-Ring device for simple and fast deployment. In short, you do not have to invest your much time for set up.

NTK is a sufficiently ventilated tent, which is breathable enough. It has a mesh which gives complete protection from small insects and mosquitoes. Not only that but it also offers great privacy, when rainfly does not use.

The package weighs 42 lbs. it is the best-traveling tent for you if you are traveling with multiple groups. Its bathtub style construction makes it strong and durable. And the ultra-slim polyester micro-mesh material used for windows makes it protected and ventilated.

Main Features

  • Accommodates 12 person
  • Bathtub style, strong build
  • The vestibule is also included
  • Best price range
  • Equipped with mosquito mesh
  • Offers full coverage rainfly best in heavy rain
  • Fast and easy setup with color-coded poles
  • Features 3 windows, great ventilation
  • Works for 3 season
  • Height 6.9 in the center

6: Spacious16-Person Weather Resistant Ozark largest family camping tents

The Ozark Trail is another largest family camping tent on the list. Its 23.5′ x 18.5′ Cabin Camping Tent provides you the comfort of a home outdoor. It’s a huge 3 room tent with an enormous hexagonal living area with two additional smaller rooms.

Above it is a porch area at the entrance to the hexagonal room. Apart from this, you have the porch area as well for sitting in the shade it is around 1.5 square meters of space. The tent is quite spacious and can accommodate a large number of people.

This tent has a cabin style with almost vertical walls with the floor plan of the tent is almost Y-letter shaped. The total area is around 20 square meters with a dimension of 23.5×18.5 ft. So, the tent is indeed like a castle. 

Moreover, the tent has all its room with screens so you can enjoy sleeping at night under the stars when the weather is favorable. For privacy, you can attach the removable dividers to separate the rooms.

For your ease, it comes with color-coding. The poles and pole sleeves of the tent are color-coded which ease up the assembling of the tent. The pin, and ring attachment system further helps you in attachment and ensures quick setup with or without help.

The roof poles are fiberglass, and the leg poles are metal while the rainfly is minimal which covers the ceiling of the tent.

With all these features and great size, this huge structure is packed to a remarkable small size (28.5 x 14 x 14 inches) making it ideal to be transported even on a motorbike.

Main Features

  • Promises to accommodate 16 persons
  • It has 3 rooms
  • 6 windows for ventilation
  • 3 external doors
  • Meshed ceiling, ideal for summer
  • Screened rooms
  • Can fit 4 queen-sized beds
  • Comes with removable room divides
  • Hanging organizer pockets for storage
  • Covered entryway for protected entrance
  • Removable fly with taped seams for weather protection
  • Six guy ropes for stability
  • Attached mud mat to keep the inside dry clean

7: Coleman Dome extra large Tent with Screen Room

Coleman tent, a stunning product that comes in years. It occupies great space as it can fit 8 people inside a large tent with a screen room. This special screen room ensures a bug-free lounging and an additional sleeping deck, a great comfort level, and an insect-free stay.

Being spacious, Coleman has enough space in the form of the front porch of dome-style to keep your chairs and other stuff safe.

Flawlessly designed four large windows of Coleman 8 person tent provide a great flow of air which saves this tent from suffocation. It is a good ventilated tent.

With its bathtub construction, the proprietary floor made of 1000D polyethylene tarp material eliminates the risk of groundwater leakage through the concrete, another good factor.

Although both the fly and the floor of the tent are incredibly lightweight, this item, as a whole, is built to be very durable and robust when setting up on campgrounds. So, you do not have to worry about the strong winds, Coleman Dome is capable to stand against the winds.

It remains dry in heavy rains and its patented welded floors make it weather resistant. This attractive outdoor component comes with a nice storage choice when not in operation. In reality, in times of stowing or transporting, this tent puts you in almost no danger.

Main Features

  • Offers a screen room feature
  • Offers great ventilation
  • Portability and durability are guaranteed
  • Weather-resistant tent
  • Accommodates 8 person
  • Lightweight tent
  • All-weather design
  • Offers quick setup
  • Simple transport
  • Features a deluxe carry bag

8: Bushnell Sport Series Family Camping Tent – 20ftx10ft

If you have a big family, this Bushnell sports series tent is the best fit for family camping. This tent is so big it can accommodate a large family, and is a 12 person tent. It has a roomy, 84” tall center. The floor is spread on a 20 foot by 10-foot size and being so spacious, 4 – 6 queen airbeds can easily fit into it.

Standing tall, this tent has a dome-like shape. This tent is very commodious and comes with 2 room dividers. These room dividers can be set up to provide 3 separate rooms for privacy and can be easily removed when you need a bigger open area.

It is weather friendly and provides good protection in rainy areas. The tent includes a rainfly that is fully taped and helps to protect the tent. You can remove the rainfly to enjoy a clear view of the beautiful night sky through the mesh windows of the tent.

Moreover, this tent is designed with extra internal pockets that can be used for storage purposes, proving more free areas around the tent. It is also equipped with electrical port access to keep you connected. The tent remains breathable, and cool through the advanced vent system in the tent.

Main Features

  • Durable polyester fabric
  • Accommodates 12 people and 4 – 6 queen-sized air mattresses. 
  • 2 Room dividers, removable. 
  • 2 ground vents
  • 7 windows with mesh panel ceilings
  • Access to an electric cord
  • Additional internal storage
  • Rainfly included
  • Carry bag included

9: 20 Person extre large camping tents with rooms

A top-notch quality tent with amazing space is one and only our twenty-person cabin tent.

Besides having a fidget spinner shape, it has a great color combination which makes it more attractive. It is able to fit 6 queen size beds or 20 sleeping bags inside it. It comes with a tailoring option, which lets you divide the tent.

It can be divided into four rooms, eight windows and inside binding floor, that is how the division can be made.

Hence, it is one of the large camping tents with rooms unlike the other large camping tents, it offers a convenient entry and exit.

Space is not the only feature I would recommend you to get attracted to, but the ventilation system acquires by this 20 person tent is so impressive. You won’t feel suffocated and the airflow will make the environment of the tent so pleasant.

Inside the tent, there is also a media pocket where you can keep your important random stuff. Also, it equips bottle holders. It means you won’t face bottle loss anymore. There is also an eport to run an extension cord. It is a home away from home.

Main Features

  • Features a fidget spinner shape design
  • Offers great ventilation
  • Large space to offer
  • Features a media pocket
  • Features an eport extension
  • Accommodates 20 person
  • Provides easy entrance and exit
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Water-resistant
  • Airtight system

10: White Duck Outdoors Premium Luxury Avalon Canvas Bell Tent 

This is a premium quality, all-weather, luxury tent specially designed for outdoor adventures. The main and most important benefit of this tent is that it is designed especially with a 100% cotton canvas material.

This A-Grade, 10.10 oz. of double filled Army Duck Canvas fabric makes this tent first-class and sustainable at the same time.

This tent is specifically designed to be Mold, UV and Mildew resistant. It is water repellent to a great extent and it can be used all year round in all the 4 seasons.

Even the zippers used in the tent are of high quality and waterproof. They are double stitched particularly to be more durable throughout the life of the tent.

In addition, to be extremely water-resistant, the tent also comes with a strong and thick groundsheet. This sheet gives added protection from the rainwater and provides insulation against the ground in cold weather. 

These groundsheets can be zipped in and out easily. Despite having all this, the tent is very breathable.

Another added luxury to this tent is its stove compatibility. It comprises of a 5” stove jack. A weather flap is added to it in order to protect from the extremely high temperatures. This flap also saves the tent from coming into direct contact with the hot pipe of the stove.

Main Features

  • Easy setup
  • All-weather canvas tent
  • Mesh doors and windows
  • Stove compatibility
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Available in fire retardant finish
  • Comes with a waterproof storage bag

11: Browning Big Horn camping tent for large family

Browning camping tent is a free-standing tent and it is really ruling the market nowadays. It is one roomy tent, as it has so many rooms. It is more than of a family tent because it offers so much to the family or the camping people with a lot of gear.

One thing I would mention is that the material used for its making is so solid and durable. There is no chance of a tent to tumble.

The 150D floor makes Browning an all-season tent and a best waterproof tent, oxford floor is twice much heavier than the nylon floor yet it offers extra stability. You can have complete privacy in a Browning camping tent as it has two great size rooms to offer.

It features adjustable fly buckles to control the tent fully. It has two large doors which makes your entry easy in each room.

This 3-pool design tent has a wall divider for two rooms. Another wall divider you would find in there, it is for privacy. Now come to the ventilation factor. The flow of air is sufficient enough. It features six windows for the amazing circulation of air.

There are mesh storage pockets to keep the important stuff, steel stakes and guy ropes are also the part of this tent. It is the biggest camping tent in the world.

 Tahoe Gear Gateway 10 to 12 Person Cabin Family Camping Tent

Tahoe gear is the most liked tent because it is a tall tent. It has a different shape, it is an L-shaped tent having a tunnel type structure.

Although, it is a good tent it is not free-standing, do not forget to stake it properly. It is most suitable for the warm season.

Tahoe gear is based on two rooms construction with two large doors and 7 windows, I mean great, a lot of windows means more ventilated the tent is. You can draw a divider between the large room and the small one for privacy by a sewn-in divider and an inner door with a zipper.

Privacy is totally respected, as there is a separate door for each room. I believe that no one will have any privacy issues.

This 84 inches tall tent has a cable entry point in each door, where there are so many storage elements inside.  For more than 8 people and a maximum of 12 people, it is suitable. You can call it a large canvas camping tent because of the height it offers.

It has a lot mesh in the ceiling and windows are also equipped with mesh panels. There is also a minimal fly on the zipper windows.

It is a ventilated tent for the summer season but when it gets rain, you have to zip up the panels and rely on the small floor vents.

Main Features

  • Offers easy assembly
  • Unique hub design
  • Features wall divider for two rooms and for privacy
  • It has two large doors with extra-large zippers on them
  • Waterproof tent as it features oxford floor
  • It features mesh storage pockets
  • Super ventilated with six windows
  • Free-standing tent
  • High-quality materials are used
  • Comes with steel stakes and guy ropes

12: Tahoe Gear Gateway 10 to 12 Person Deluxe Cabin Family Camping Tent

Tahoe gear is the most liked tent because it is a tall tent. It has a different shape, it is an L-shaped tent having a tunnel type structure.

Although, it is a good tent it is not free-standing, do not forget to stake it properly. It is most suitable for the warm season.

Tahoe gear is based on two rooms construction with two large doors and 7 windows, I mean great, a lot of windows means more ventilated the tent is. You can draw a divider between the large room and the small one for privacy by a sewn-in divider and an inner door with a zipper.

Privacy is totally respected, as there is a separate door for each room. I believe that no one will have any privacy issues.

This 84 inches tall tent has a cable entry point in each door, where there are so many storage elements inside.  For more than 8 people and a maximum of 12 people, it is suitable. You can call it a large canvas camping tent because of the height it offers.

It has a lot mesh in the ceiling and windows are also equipped with mesh panels. There is also a minimal fly on the zipper windows.

It is a ventilated tent for the summer season but when it gets rain, you have to zip up the panels and rely on the small floor vents.

Main Features

  • L-shaped, tunnel structure tent
  • Offers an enormous space
  • It features 7 large windows with mesh panels
  • Floor vent
  • Non-freestanding
  • Available at reasonable price
  • Offers two e-cable ports
  • Two large doors
  • Best for warm weather

13: Tahoe Gear Ozark 3-Season 16 Person Extra Large Family Cabin Tent

Another large family camping tents with rooms, Tahoe gear is a cabin style freestanding tent. It is one of the tallest tents I have seen so far with a peak height of 86.61 inches.

It is a central sewn-in wall type tent that has 3 rooms to offer. The division of tent in two parts is possible. After division two back rooms will have 2 windows each. It features a huge double door. Its front room has two doors and 3 large windows, along with the two extra windows on the door.

All the windows and outer doors are equipped with panels and mesh for high protection. Windows are all zippered. The fly and tent’s body is made up of polyester with a 120 mm waterproof rating. The floor is of polyethylene which makes it fully waterproof.

This huge tent can be set up in 20 to 30 minutes easily. There is one power port inside the tent for charging your things. Superior ventilation is offered by the Tahoe gear 3-season tent, there is a great airflow inside the tent because of the huge ceiling mesh area, 2-floor vents and maybe meshes on the windows.

With enclosed doors and windows, you would still feel a great flow of air in the tent. Tahoe gear is a large camping cheap tent because of its affordable price.

Spacious Multi-Room Ozark Trail 18′ x 18′ Family-Sized tent

Multi-room Ozark trail has enough space to offer you guys. It is a big spacious family tent.

It offers a stay to 14 individuals. It fits 3 queen-sized airbeds or up to 14 sleeping bags. It features 8 windows.

It can be used as 2 or 3-room quarters and with private access to each room. It has 3 doors.

A front room of multi-room Ozark trail can be used as a screened porch where you can enjoy seeing the sunset, having tea in the evening and other beautiful views, you can also convert this room into a slumbering room.

There is a cupboard inside the tent, which stores your gear and equipment. You would also find a media pocket in this tent to entertain the crew. The ventilation factor is once again satisfied here, with 8 windows and a mesh floor it offers great ventilation.

It equips an e-port for an extension cord. The interior handy pockets help you to keep your small random stuff safe.

Main Features

  • Freestanding tent
  • Tallest tent with 86 inches peak height
  • 3-room design
  • It has two doors
  • It features 7 windows and extra 2 windows too
  • It offers an e-cable port
  • Equipped with 2-floor vents
  • Cost-effective tent
  • Great package size
  • Room separation is possible

14: Spacious Multi-Room ozark trail 20-person extra large cabin tent Family-Sized

Multi-room ozark trail 20-person cabin tent has enough space to offer you guys. It is a big spacious family tent.

It offers a stay to 14 individuals. It fits 3 queen-sized airbeds or up to 14 sleeping bags. It features 8 windows.

It can be used as 2 or 3-room quarters and with private access to each room. It has 3 doors. 

A front room of multi-room Ozark trail can be used as a screened porch where you can enjoy seeing the sunset, having tea in the evening and other beautiful views, you can also convert this room into a slumbering room.

There is a cupboard inside the tent, which stores your gear and equipment. You would also find a media pocket in this tent to entertain the crew. The ventilation factor is once again satisfied here, with 8 windows and a mesh floor it offers great ventilation.

It equips an e-port for an extension cord. The interior handy pockets help you to keep your small random stuff safe.

It is a well-layered and large camping tent for winters.

Main Features

  • Accommodates 14 individuals
  • Fits 3 queen size air beds
  • Provides great ventilation
  • It has 3 doors
  • It features 8 windows
  • Spacious family tent
  • Features a room can be used as porch
  • Offers superior ventilation
  • It includes an e-port
  • Equips with handy wallets and 3 bottle holders

15: Ozark Trail Base extra large family camping tents for on be trailer

If you are planning for camping with your family or a group of friends, and looking for a large camping tent the Ozark Trail Base Camp is a great choice. 

A large camping tent that can easily accommodate up to 14 adults with ease is indeed a good choice for those who have a big family.

To allow ventilation and maintain freshness inside the tent, there are 12 windows provided to keep out the humid and avoid suffocation. Might require a bit of skill to set up the tent, but it only requires 20 minutes for assembling the whole tent.

Additionally, Ozark Trail Base Camp is also a large camping tent with rooms and it has a spacious division of 4 separate rooms inside. In order to create a large sitting space, the room dividers can be knotted to create one big room for gathering.

Along with fitting 14 people in the tent, it can also fit 5 queen air mattresses.

All the 4 rooms come along with separate entry with 4 different doors as well. Moreover, there are 3 internal divisions to secure your privacy. Also, the camping tent has dimensions of 20 x 20 x 78 inches.

In addition, this camping tent comes with an E-port to ease your electronics gadgets’ charging issues during the overnight stay.

Another great part about this tent is it is available in two vibrant colors that are yellow and blue, which goes with every season. With seasons changing, the camping tent is suitable to be used in two to three different seasons.

16: Outdoor Waterproof extra Large Tent with Canvas Wall

Now I have an amazing tent for you. The outdoor waterproof tent is featuring canvas Alpha wall tent includes the complete tent with aluminum frame.

This brilliant tent is made up of premium 100 % cotton canvas fabric for outfitters which make it suitable to be used in backcountry and wilderness.

As its name already suggests that it is an outdoor tent and the features it possesses make it ideal for hunting, camping and glamping in the outdoors.

You can remain warm and cozy in winters and can have the same tone of your skin in warm weather because it provides ultraviolet protection and is mildew resistant. These features make this tent popular amongst the traveling crowd.

The outdoor waterproof tent offers a free-floating PVC floor, which is so convenient that you do not have to buy it separately.

The doors come fitted with additional flaps to help keep the sun and rain out. The tent often contains a 6-inch awning that you can set up over your entrance for even greater protection.

Zippers are also an important feature of the tent, it offers zippers made up of YKK and yet the door has no-see-um meshed connected for the privacy factor. If you want to check more tents in the same space, you can check this best 8 person tents.

Main Features

  • Water-resistant tent
  • Offers bug mesh on doors and windows
  • Held by a sturdy aluminum frame
  • Mildew resistant tent
  • UV resistant tent
  • Equipped with YKK zippers
  • Offers a free-floating PVC floor
  • Guaranteed durable tent
  • A four seasonal tent
  • Accommodates 8 to 10 person

17: Core 12 Person Extra Large Straight Wall Cabin Tent – 16′ x 11′

This tent is made up of pure polyester. Core 12 Person Extra Large Straight Wall Cabin Tent is a comfortable and spacious 12 person large tent for a big group of people or family.

Size of the camping tent Core 12 is 16 feet x 11 feet side by side with 86 inch center altitude so that you can stretch as well if you need to. Plus, it can fit about 4 queen size mattresses for sleeping as well.

The removable mesh has multiple uses in different situations. It can be used to block water from entering. It can also be used for adding ventilation in the tent in hot weather and also to provide a breathtaking night view of the starry sky. 

Additionally, the mesh also is systemic in such a way that it can let in the breeze while keeping hot air outside in all seasons. Along with a two-way entry from front and back, the cabin can be used to divide the rooms into sleeping rooms to add privacy as well as for sitting area separately.

Extra useful items for your camping night such as extra poles for support, tent dividers and a carry bag for portability is included with the tent itself. 

Main Features

  • Fits 12 people
  • Removable mesh
  • Multipurpose usage mesh
  • Suitable for All seasons 
  • 2-way entry doors
  • Extra gadgets
  • 1-year warranty

18: Outbound 8-Person Tent | Dome Tent for Camping with Screen Porch 

Outbound 8-Person Tent fits 8 people inside it with a size of 14 feet x 8 feet and 6’4” feet of height.

Most significantly, it has the latest fiberglass technology which helps with easy assembling and cancels all the hassle to assemble the parts.

This is a unique tent with screen room to allow you to relax in the sun or have a mesmerizing view of the sky at night. Mesh roof is provided for keeping the freshness inside the tent 24/7. Additionally, two windows can be opened and closed with a provided zipper lock.

Apart from being suitable for use in all 4 seasons, it also has a double waterproof coating on its outer layer.

One of the best features of Outbound 8-Person Tent is that it is very lightweight and is made up of long-lasting material. To keep your gadgets fully charged, it also has a convenient electric cord port too. Moreover, being a compact and easy to carry along a family tent, it has plenty of room.

Main Features

  • Quick assembling
  • Fits 8 persons 
  • Waterproof layer 
  • 2 doors 
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Carry bag provided
  • 1-year exchange warranty 

19: Tenaya Lake Lighted Fast Pitch Cabin Tent

Your fun is not limited to daylight only with built-in illumination feature of Tenaya lake tent you can enjoy your trips after setting of the sun. It is the best family tent.

The built-in LED lighting system uses a cloth cover to provide smooth, overhead illumination that you can customize to the perfect level to read a book or review a map for the next day’s walk.

It offers a huge closet, you can come to the trip with all the stuff you want to use and keep that in the closet. Shelves and a hanger bar in your wardrobe often make it easier to keep your clothes and accessories organized, and you can avoid searching through a bag for everything you need.

You should be thankful for the pre-assembled, color-coded top poles and base, the fast-fitting legs and the snag-free Insta-Clip support. This eight-person camping tent assembles more easily than comparable Coleman tents with a square set-up.

This is an eight-person tent. A group of 8 persons can easily stay there with a lot of stuff. It fits two queen airbeds and for additional privacy, it offers a room divider.

The WeatherTec technology with proprietary welded floors and angled seams help ensure that you and your equipment stay dry. The included rainfly offers extra security for the season.

 This Lighted cabin tent offers pockets to help keep your items safe and gather in it. There is an E-port in the tent too.

Main Features

  • Accommodates 8 person
  • Fits 2 queen airbeds
  • Offers fast pitching and easy setup
  • Offers room divider for privacy
  • Has LED system for overhead interior light
  • WeatherTech system makes it waterproof
  • The built-in wardrobe features shelves and a hanger bar 

20: Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Made up of pure polyester fabric, the tent is also overall covered with a layer of robust polyurethane which gives it the advantage of being waterproof. Furthermore, even the threads and windows are made in a way that they are also waterproof. 

A preferred tent for winters and summers, this tent provides good ventilation through mesh windows and also prevents any bugs from entering the camp from anywhere.

The dimensions of the tent are 11’ by 16’ in which 7 people can sleep in a vertical position and one can sleep horizontally.  The main room is at a height of almost 6.5 feet upright. Moreover, it covers an Area: 98 sq. ft. + 60 sq. in which the screen room is included too. Also, it weighs about 27.3 lbs.

Moreover, in this space, it is possible to fit either two queen-sized inflatable beds or 8 people with sleeping bags. To keep your important stuff from being misplaced, the extranet pockets are made to keep all your significant items in one place organized.

Even though the tent is of a limited size, it is strong enough to stay in place even in extremely windy situations. It is available in 3 vibrant colors: blue, green and grey.

Main Features

  • Accommodates 8 people
  • Available in 3 colors 
  • Two windows
  • Mesh roof
  • Easy setup 
  • Stable in rough winds

21: Timber Ridge Large Family Tent 10 Person 3 Seasons for Camping 

Timber Ridge is good for those who are looking for a large family tent with rooms. With quite a spacious amount of space in the tent inside, it can fit 10 people with ease. 

There are two doors with a size of 14’x10′ at the base and a center altitude of 80″ which means you can even stand upright inside the tent too.

Hooks and the pole pockets make it easier to fix the tent and assemble in less time and effort. Along with this all, to keep the inside of the tent fresh and keep out the bugs, the mesh is provided in all the 4 windows.

Furthermore, the dividers can be used to have a separate meal time, game sessions or privacy for changing clothes and sleeping as well. Timber Ridge is a tent that is more suitable for the beach rather than harsh weather conditions. The tent is suitable for 3 seasons out of 4 all over the year. 

The tent is shipped to our location along with one extra inner tent, 1 additional flysheet, 4 ropes, and 14 stability poles and a carrying bag to fold up your tent on the go. Lastly, Green and blue are the colors you can choose for your tent.

Main Features

  • Fits 10 people
  • Easy to assemble
  • Bug proof mesh
  • Available in two colors

22: Columbia Mammoth Creek 10 Person Cabin Tent

Columbia Mammoth is a cabin style yet a small one. It is a free-standing tent with 78 inches of peak height. 

This well-constructed tent has 2 rooms for you with two large doors; both are located in the front room. The main door is double-size with an inverted T-shape zipper. It features a minimal fly for the ceiling protection only. It has an inner panel zipper to be used to close the window whenever it gets cold or in the case of rain.

There are four main windows, including three windows on the doors. These are both double-layer constructions of mesh and zip panels. These side windows are especially interesting, the pictures below demonstrate how these look.

The ventilation case is just so sufficient in Columbia Mammoth. As the doors and all windows have meshed with zippered panels and the ceiling is also meshed. Here in this tent, you will also find an inverted T-shaped zipper that helps you to use the sew-in divider, which works for privacy.

There is only a point regarding Omni-Shield coated fabric that offers advanced repulsion. They say that this Omni-Shield fabric dries 3-5 times faster than untreated cloth so that it stays lighter.

The floor is a sort of bathtub, polyester with a dense coating. The holes are on the No-See-Um mesh.  Usually, people prefer a tent with screen rooms if you are one of them then do not forget to see the link best tent with screen room.

Main Features

  • Accommodates 10 people
  • Features a bathtub floor
  • Equipped with ground vents
  • Offers incredible ventilation
  • Offers no-see-um mesh windows, door, and panel
  • Built-in storage pockets
  • A room divider for privacy
  • A lightweight tent
  • Features a minimal rainfly
  • Offers covered electrical cord access

23: Core Two Room 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Side Entrance

With a floor space of 18’ X 10’ is large enough to accommodate 12 people inside.

One of the best things about Core Two Room 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent is that it is very easily set up. It requires less than 180 seconds to assembling the tent because the poles are pre-fitted into the tent.

Multiuse mesh serves as a source of ventilation in warm and cool weather-controlling the flow of hot and cold air in and out of the camp to keep you at the moderate temperature inside the camp.

With two way entry, the dividers are also provided inside to add privacy or partitions between the large spaces. Along with a carry portable handing bag, it comes with useful material like poles, room fly which is easily removable whenever desired and adjustable room dividers as well.

A total of 3 medium-sized queen beds or inflatable air sleep beds can be fitted inside the tent. If you want to add more space, you can use sleeping bags as well.

This very large canvas camping tent also has an option of a screen room to provide you a great view of nature outside and also to keep you protected from the bugs.

Main Features

  • Quick set up
  • 12 person camp
  • Pre-fitted poles
  • 2-way entry
  • Room dividers
  • Removable Screen room

24: Tahoe Gear Manitoba 14-Person 20′ x 17′ Family Outdoor

Tahoe Gear Manitoba is one of the most well-known and biggest camping tents in the world which fits 14 people inside easily depending upon the size of individuals.

Even though the camping tent is very large it may seem difficult to handle, but it has very easily set up assembly steps which are all provided one by one in the guideline book with illustrations for a proper understanding.

A 5 star rated tent is of 20 by 17 feet with a total of 6.5 feet height overall which eases the movement around the tent which gives the home feeling.

With the strong fabric it is made of, it gives guaranteed stability throughout each type of weather conditions of the year.  Secondly, there is extra space provided outside the tent to leave your muddy boots or your pets.

The layer of durable polythene makes the tent waterproof which helps in rainy weathers or beach environments. The dividers can be adjusted in a way that one private room can be partitioned for sleeping for a single individual.

Mesh fitted pockets help you to stay organized and not lose a track of your precious valuables by keeping them stacked in one place.

Main Features

  • Space for 14 persons
  • Waterproof material
  • Welcome mat 
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Dividers and carry bag provided
  • Easy setup technique

 25: GigaTent 8 Person Family Tent – 3 Room Cabin Tent for Outdoors

GigaTent cabin tent is a unique one. The structure is so cozy and the tent is made up of 19T polyester walls with 600 mm polyurethane coating. 

If you want to have an ultimate camping experience then pitch it with chain-corded steel and using fiberglass poles.

Giga 8 person is a large camping tent with 6’8” center height. This height makes it a free-standing tent with great living space. There is a room at the front which can be as a combo room because you can use it as a floored screen room and as a sleeping space as well.

The rear space, on the other hand, provides privacy with a sewn-in divider and two wide D-shaped doors. The rear room can also be separated into two smaller rooms with a transparent curtain.

This family tent has two doors and six large windows that offer unlimited views while enabling breezes to come from any direction but can be shut to keep the rain out. The rain fly covers the tents and assures that there is no storm. 

The large windows paired with the mesh roof avoid the build-up of condensation, and the bathtub floor ensures that no ground level seems to be dripping.

Main Features

  • Accommodates 8 people
  • Free-standing tent
  • Strongly built tent
  • Offers good ventilation
  • Lightweight tent
  • Offers an easy setup
  • Features nickel-plated zippers
  • Features fully mesh roof
  • Polyethylene ground
  • Features polyester rainfly

 26: Core Lighted 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent – 18′ x 10′

As the tent is imported, it is made up of original synthetic and pure polyester which is a long-lasing material for a temporary outdoor house.

With advanced technologies used, there is no need to carry your lightings in your luggage anymore because the core lighted 12 people instant cabin has its lighting system provided inside. 

Plus, the brightness can also be adjusted as desired just a knob away. It is easy to lose vision in dark, therefore, even the switches illuminate at night to guide you through. The LEDs however, require you to install 4D batteries manually as instructed in the guideline book.

This spacious camping tent with a floor map of 18 x 10 feet and an altitude of 80’ is large enough to fit 12 people comfortably. Even the sleeping bags can be accommodated with each individual for sleeping.

With the provided adjustable room dividers, the tent can be easily transformed into a three-room compact apartment instead of one big hall as well.

Carry bag increases the portability of your camping tent and it comes along with the rainfly made up of mesh and can be fitted and removed easily whenever needed. Plus, room dividers and tent stakes are also included in the bag which you can carry along easily.

Main Features

  • Led lights with adjustable brightness
  • Fits 12 people with sleeping bags
  • Room dividers – forms maximum of 3 rooms
  • Portable carry bag 
  • 1-year warranty
  • Quick assembling quality 

 27: Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Tent

A compact yet large enough to fit 10 person tents is available in a royal blue color in a curvy dome shape. 

This camping tent for large families is available in the size of 18 x 6.3foot floor space and 10 feet of overall height. The fabric is made up of is nylon exterior. Easy setup and appropriate guidelines help you to quickly assemble the tent by yourself. 

To maintain freshness and allow air crossing, large windows made up of mesh is part of this uniquely domed shaped camping tent. This kind of tent is more suitable for trekking places and mountainous places.

A fly frame on the roof of the camping tent protects from the heavy rainfall in harsh weather conditions as well.

Main Features

  • Easy setup
  • Rain-proof
  • Nylon exterior
  • Mesh windows 
  • Suitable in harsh weather

 28: Bushnell Shield Series 15′ x 9′ Instant Cabin Tent

If you are looking for an easy to install, family tent with a little extra space, and a nice height then Bushnell is made for you. One of the best things about this tent is it comes with the carry bag, and storage bag.

Bushnell Shield Series is always on the top-notch, as this product comes with the great features. This awesome tent comes with ample space is available with a floor dimension of 15*9, and height of 7 foot, which is suitable for an average group of people or family. 

It claims to accommodate 9 persons which make it hit the list of the large camping tent. Another best thing about Bushnell’s tent is it has a heat resistant structure. 

While the ceiling is an open mesh, the underside of the rainfly has a reflective coating, which keeps the tent cool, and dark which makes an ideal choice in the warmest of temperatures.

It features 7 large mesh windows, which provide a panoramic view. Moreover, it has 3 doors, a side door, and a double front door. This tent also provides an amazing ventilation system as it features a 360-degree window, which keeps the tent breezy, and cool. 

Main Features

  • Accommodate 9 persons
  • Easy setup without the hassle of assembly
  • Taped and seemed rainfly
  • Front awning with the organizer
  • 7 large mesh windows providing a panoramic view
  • 3 doors, a side door, and double front door
  • Comes with carrying bag
  • Utility ports available
  • Zip dividers for privacy 
  • Tent with screen room
  • Has storage bags

 29: OmniCore Designs 12 Person 18′ Teepee Camping Tent 

It is designed in a unique triangular pyramid shape, teepee, the shape provides a perfect size, protection, and quality to the camping tent.  

With a huge height and a spacious interior of diameter 18’ and 9’ center height provides ample of space and area to stand comfortably and move around with ease. The design and size of the OmniCore teepee camping tent allow you to fit 12 persons inside the tent along with sleeping bags for each.

The floor of the tent is enhanced with extra polyethylene to give it a good waterproof structure and keep away the bugs and crawling insects from you.

The pointed at the top model of this camping tent is not just for a rich look but it also helps in shedding off the residue of snowfall and rainfall and stays stable in case of stormy weather or harsh windy situations.

Instead of windows, there are ground vents built inside the tent to allow air crossing and to maintain the temperature inside the tent. Plus, it is a natural air freshener as well.

Main Features

  • Cone Teepee shaped
  • Carry bag
  • Chair 
  • Fits 12 people
  • Huge height
  • Ground vents 
  • Mesh protection
  • Waterproof exterior
  • Shedding quality

 30: OT QOMOTOP Camping Tent

OT QOMOTOP is the camp that supplies the most sensible and efficient rainfly and is available in 3 different size options (4, 6 and 10 people). The 10 person tent provides a whopping 14*10 feet and 6 ft 4″ center height.

It’s an ideal camp whether it rains or shines because of its full seam-taped rainfly. Also, this tent can hold 2 king-size beds in it. 

This construction of this tent is sturdy, and it can set up and down instantly with ease within minutes, alone, or with a helper. It is designed to be pitched by two people in just under one minute so you can spend more time enjoying your camping trip, and less time messing around with your gear.

There is also an adjustable ground vent available, which helps in maintaining the temperature inside, and also fights with condensation in winters.

To keep your camp floor dry, OT QOMOTOP Camping Tent comes with a PE tube, which ensures you that your tent floor will not get wet. Moreover, it is durable and reliable. In case if you are looking for a camping tent for 8 persons, then you must check this article Best 8 person tents.

Main Features

  • Accommodate 10 persons
  • PU taping for rainfly and inner tent seam
  • PE tube floor ensuring the dry floor
  • Comes with a separate rainfly
  • Spacious can hold 2 king-size bed in it
  • Comes with electrical port 
  • Gear loft and gear pocket present
  • Ideal for summers and rainy days
  • Durable and reliable

31: Eureka Copper Canyon 12 -Person Tent

Are you having a long trip plan? Is it so? Then Eureka Copper tent would surely be helpful for you. It is a 12 person large tent. Another good thing about this tent is that it is best for car camping as well.

A roomy tent which can entertain you in 3 seasons, it can easily fit 10 to 12 adult people in it with a center height of 7”. It has steep vertical walls.

Two wide ‘ D ‘ shaped doors allow access from both sides and prevent you from having to step out of the door to the main. Six large windows and a complete mesh roof offer outstanding airflow when things get dry and warm. Hence, it is best for warm weather.

Privacy is an essential demand you would make, for that it features a removable divider curtain, it creates separation between two rooms very easily. It is the most feasible feature.

It adds in composite steel or fiberglass structure and factory lined floors or seams, and the family will have all the security they need when hurricanes bring them inside for the day. Additionally, this reliable tent has 2 rooms to offer. It is easy to use a tent which makes it more worthy.

  • Main Features
  • Free-standing cabin tent
  • It accommodates 12 people
  • 3 seasonal tent
  • It features six storage pockets
  • It has an E-port and one gear loft
  • It offers a divider
  • It features 2 D shaped doors
  • It has six windows
  • It features a bathtub floor
  • Offers excellent ventilation

32: PUEEPDEE Camping Tent Camping Tent 2-Door Instant Tents

PUEEPDEE is a heavy-duty camping tent. It is made up of fiberglass rod for bracket which makes it so strong. Although, it’s just like its name, which suggests it is an instant tent. It is easy to open and to be folded back. An instant tent is easy to install.

It features double doors, unlike other tents it has two doors which provides an easy enter and exit. It has a total of ten windows in which 6 sides windows and 4 are top windows. The number of windows shows that a well-ventilated tent.

It offers great breathability which makes it ideal for warm weather as there is a good flow of air throughout the season. It is a large camping tent for winter, and can easily allow sixteen people to stay with ease and total comfort.

Everyone likes stargazing, PUEEPDEE transparent mesh windows offer you to gaze the stars at night with your loved ones and make uncountable memories. However, it is a well-ventilated tent but if you are used to AC and looking for something like that then check this best tent air conditioner.

It is a durable tent as well as waterproof because of the oxford waterproof strong fabric. Glass poles guarantee the stability and durability of the instant tent. Built of 210D Oxford thickening fabric makes it waterproof, moistureproof, rainproof and windproof, perfect for the winter.

Main Features

  • Free-standing tent
  • Accommodates 16 people
  • 4 seasonal tent
  • Features 2 double doors
  • Equipped with 6 sides and 4 top windows
  • Easy to install
  • Provides a great ventilation
  • Waterproof tent
  • Durable and stable
  • Foldable tent

33: CORE 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room

If you are looking for a tent with a screen room then you must consider the CORE family cabin tent. It is a huge family tent that accommodates up to 11 persons. This tent is very spacious, can accommodate up to 3 sleeping bags. Also, it stands tall so you can easily stand, walk around, and stretch inside the tent.  

What sets it apart from the other tents is that it has a big and enclosed screen room at the front of the tent. With this feature, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the outdoor scenery, without actually stepping outside. 

It can also be used as sleeping space if you want to sleep under the stars without any bugs disturbing you.  This tent provides an electrical access port. You can have electric power in your turn by just attaching a cable cord or an extension through the port. 

Provides help in charging the cell phones, camera batteries or other gears. It is safe to use and can be closed when it is not in use. As big as it is, this tent is also breathable because of its proper advanced ventilating system. 

It will keep you cool in warm weather. The adjustable venting feature helps to draw in cool air while extracting the hot air outside. Furthermore, it has a large mesh ceiling the supports plenty of cross ventilation within the tent. 

Main Features

  • The capacity of 11 people
  • Up to 3 queen mattress sleeping bags  
  • H20 block technology
  • Has screen room in the front and window panels
  • Includes tent floor, poles, rainfly, and expandable gear bag

34: Gracefully Rising 10 Person 3 Season Family Camping Cabin Tent

Another cabin tent for you, its features seems so good and preferable. Let’s have a look at them. It is a great tent with 7 feet in height. 

It offers a durable 1200mm polyester tent frame which makes it ideal for going out in the warm or cold weather. Coordinating 1200mm polyester fly with sealed fly seams and polyethylene binding flooring allows ensuring water protection in different conditions.

It is a waterproof tent yet it is a good option to be camped in rainy areas. Hence, it is a 3 season tent. It offers an easy setup and your only a few minutes will be taken to set it up properly.

The total water resistance capacity can differ based on wind, configuration, and more severe weather conditions. Please make sure the rain fly is used in poor weather to limit the risk of precipitation inside your tent conditions.

The ventilation factor is super amazing the transparent mesh roof structure offers great cross ventilation, which enables the tent to be used as a more spacious space throughout the day or night. Fly vents improve airflow when they are attached to guarantee the campers stay cool on hot summer days.

Main Features

  • 3 seasonal family tent
  • Accommodates 10 people
  • Offers an easy setup
  • Has one door 
  • Features 3 windows
  • Fly canopy for extra coverage
  • Features power slip for easy power cord access
  • Equipped with floor vents
  • Polyester body tent
  • Provides great ventilation

35: AFI Outlet 14-Person large Family Outdoor Camping Tent with Rainfly 

This tent comes with an easy setup. It is equipped with short corded poles which make it very easy to assemble. It is good enough for 14 people. It can be families or a group of friends. If you have fewer people in your group then the best 8 person tents would help you with this.

Be calm, because this tent has a great height which means your taller friends can also easily roam in the tent. Generous 6.5-foot central height enables campers to travel around the tent quickly.

It features the transparent mesh configuration provides good cross airflow throughout the bed. Quick-to-assemble shock-corded poles and pin and ring device for fast set-up. Power slip near the door allows easy access to the power cord inside your tent.

Privacy is an important factor in camping. For ultimate privacy, it features a removable room divider for you.

The rainfly canopy of this tent stretches over the door for additional coverage. Guy ropes included on either hand to support the tent in windy weather. Wide windows zip completely closed for sleeping. The tent is made up of polyester and its polyester body makes it durable and reliable.

Main Features

  • Accommodates 14 people
  • Provides easy and convenient setup
  • Has great head height
  • Large durable camping tent
  • Features interior mesh pockets
  • Offers a detachable room divider
  • Made up of polyester
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Equipped with short corded poles
  • Comes with a carry bag

36: Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent

The Coleman WeatherMaster tent is not as large as the other tents around but is one of the most desirable family tents for camping. It has a capacity of 10 persons. It has an easy to do assembling process and it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to set it up. 

Unlike a dome or any other such tent, this one is designed to have a cabin style look. This design makes it more spacious internally. It provides great protection for a family camping trip. It is made of polyester Taffeta with a PU coating, which makes it long-lasting in all sorts of weather. 

This Weathermaster tent is the best seller in the market, with its unique welding technology. The floors of the tents are welded which makes them strong and much more water-resistant. Hence this tent is more durable and much protected than any other tent. 

Moreover, it has welded, and waterproof floors so, your tent will not get wet. 

Main Features 

  • Leak-free Seams with rainfly covers 
  • Easy to use Velcro attachments
  • Weather-resistant Fabric 
  • Strong zippers  
  • Inverted floors   
  • Welded and waterproof floors 
  • Zipper protection through zipper cuffs
  • Specifically designed poles to make the tent strong

37: Skrootz extra large camping tent 11 Person Instant Cabin Private Room

Another amazing cabin tent and that is Skrootz which has some incredible features to offer. Let’s have a look then. Unlike other tents, it features a private room which makes it unique, along with that it features an extra attached room with the cabin.

This unusual cabin-style tent includes a wide front awning for safe access to the tent and 76-inch ceiling height for adequate headroom. 

Use the provided room divider for having the ultimate privacy, and it also features the backroom door to build three separate living spaces or keep them open for panoramic views from the six wide windows and mesh ceilings.

You would amaze after reading this, it takes only 2 minutes to set up, yes only 2 minutes and after that, it is all ready to get in. It has poles pre-attached which makes the unfolding of the tent way too convenient for you. 

Additionally, this tent fits comfortably two queen airbeds or up to 11 campers (eight in the main cabin plus three in the private room) in sleeping bags on the bottom as there is plenty of space.

The circulation of air is wonderful in this tent. It features six large windows and these are enough to make it ventilated all the time.

Main Features

  • Accommodates 11 people
  • Provides easy setup in 2 minutes
  • Provides protected entry with large awnings
  • Features pre-attached poles
  • Features rainfly
  • Provides 76” great height
  • Fits two queen size beds
  • Features six large windows
  • Has e-port
  • Ventilation is good

38: Tents ADKINC Camping, wide Space 12-Person large camping tents with rooms

ADKINC is another 12 person camping tent. It is made up of oxford cloth which makes it ideal for hiking, all durable tents are not suitable for hiking but this tent is. No, it’s not similar to the single door tents. It offers easy entry and exit with its double-decker door feature. This feature makes it bet for outdoor.

It has a double-layer tent inside and outside. 190 T polyester spinning for outdoor use, 190 T polyester spinning plus mesh inside, and 210D Oxford PU cloth at the edges. The well-built structure of ADKINC has 2 rooms to offer and one hall with a great large space. The tent has a great height.

Although, triangular design of this tent is so appealing the “7” nail is placed into the earth at an angle of 45 ° to improve the support of the shelter.

It is a 4 seasonal tent because it is waterproof. Not only that but it also protects you from UV rays. These features make it 4 seasonal tents. It features a detachable divider for privacy. In heavy rain, you will be saved in this tent.

I am sharing a link for the professional campers who are looking for similar tents like this so do check this link best tent with screen room.

Main Features

  • Accommodates 12 people
  • Provides 2 rooms and one hall
  • Double-layer tent of polyester material
  • Suitable for hiking
  • Waterproof tent
  • Features breathable sunscreen detachable
  • 4 seasonal tent
  • Features a double-decker door
  • Durable tent
  • Features a removable separator for privacy

39: NTK INDY GT Outdoor Dome Family extra large camping tent 100% Waterproof 2500mm

This camping tent is designed for quick and easy assembly. It is a 4- 5 person tent that is great for all the family. With easy assembly, the roomy European design one door tent weighs only 12lbs. 

It has a comfortable floor size with the sleeping area and center height for maximum comfort. It is 100% waterproof with two layers full-coverage. Along with the 2500mm water column rainfly, it provides full coverage. The heat-seamed thermoplastic coating gives UV protection. 

This tent also has a large 2-way zipper D-style door with full mosquito mesh protection. Moreover, it features a roomy utility pocket for storage and a ventilated mesh roof.  NTK INDY also delivers a unique front vestibule, which has an awning and side door with a detachable PE tarp floor.

This tent has thick Nano-flex fiberglass poles that interconnect with two gold chrome plated ferrule hardware and strong elastic offers sturdy construction. It is made up of 100% virgin material to provide additional strength and flexibility.

It comes with ultra-thin NO-SEE-UM polyester micro-mesh fabric that protects you from the smallest insects and mosquitoes. It lets the fresh air comes in while keeping bugs out. Its freestanding design is easy to set up and take down. 

This camping tent is built for the Brazilian Amazon. The Cherokee 3-season dome family tent gives comfort and protection from heat, rain, and wind.

It features seamless anti-fungal polyethylene with a silver-coated inner layer that prevents leaks, and keeps you dry, and protected. Moreover, the flooring has a unique bathtub-style construction element barrier, which is designed to ensure so you will not wake up in a puddle.

Main Features 

  • Quick assemble
  • Waterproof
  • Micro mosquito-repellent mesh
  • Bugs, and insect protector
  • Anti-fungus floor
  • Front and side doors
  • Fire retardant include
  • Ideal for 4-5 persons
  • Sturdy construction
  • Made up with 100% virgin material

 40: CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin extra large camping tent

If you are planning camping with 12 persons and looking for a reliable family tent then this product is for you. CORE 12 Person Tent has its outer material made up of pure polyester, which is durable in all weather. 

With the dimensions of 18’ x 10’, this large camping tent can adjust up to 12 adults. It is a large family tent with rooms as it offers two-way entries for adding partition for privacy. Apart from privacy, this camping tent offers a beautiful view of the sky from the transparent roof, which will keep your mod fresh.

To make your trip even more relaxing, the tent comes along with a few useful goodies that might help you as well. The items included along with the tent are rain fly, awning poles, two-room dividers, tent stakes, and carry bag.

It has the latest vent system installed from which you will no longer feel cold as the tent will itself draw all the cool breeze outside to keep you warm in winter, and vice versa in summers.

It is also an ideal tent air conditioner to keep yourself cool then check out the following mentioned article Best tent air conditioner you will get one from there.

Main Features 

  • Easy to use and setup 
  • Accommodates 12 people
  • Removable mesh 
  • Two-way doors
  • 1-year warranty 
  • Durable, and reliable.
  • Comes with carrying bag
  • Has a room divider
  • made up of pure polyester

Final Words

As we all know there is a number of extra large family camping tents on the market are available today, and choosing a high-performance and reliable camping tent from the flooded market is quite difficult.

Camping brings the thrill, so there is no reason for tent shopping to be any different. Getting a new tent is exciting, and if you choose the right one it will last you a long time, and help you and your family or friends make some wonderful memories in the outdoors.

In this article, we have carefully reviewed the products and brought the best camping tents for you. Each camping tent mentioned in the list is of the best quality and is packed with all the great features.

Now, it totally depends on you which camping tent you choose according to your preference, and budget. Before you choose any tent, make sure that the product you are willing to go for has all the particular specifications that you need, and require.

In case if you are willing to get a camping tent with a screen room then check out the following article “Best tent with screen room”.

Happy camping!

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