How Many Calories Does Rock Climbing Burn?

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Planning on working out? If so, then we are sure you must be looking for a way to determine how many calories you burn in order to ensure you make the most out of your workout or rock climbing sessions.

Almost all the athletes out there have this obsession to burn more calories and maintain their workouts so they can carry on all their activities perfectly and stay fit at the same time.

For us, we have this little belief that knowing how many calories you burn during a workout session will help you determine your diet plan and how you will need to recover the loss of numerous calories in a more sustainable way. Having nutritional value to everything you eat is highly essential if you are working out to maintain your weight and body.

Knowing how many calories you burnt during your session will allow you to design your plan and make the most out of your fitness journey.

If you are going for regular training, you are burning more calories than a regular person. You’ll want to factor that caloric deficit into your calculations when choosing the right post-workout foods to aid a more efficient recovery.

In this article, we are going to discuss how many calories you will burn approximately while rock climbing and how you will be able to down a pizza without having to compromise your diet plan.

Calories burned in an hour

The basic definition of burning calories will come from how much time you consume while training.

In order to provide you with a more clear answer regarding how many calories you burn while climbing stairs or rock climbing, we did a little research and we are explaining everything in the following steps.

Step 1 – Find the number of calories you burn in an hour

Since most of us do not really have tools to measure the calorie count, we have used the same tool as you, the internet.

We found that most of the athletes claimed to have burnt around 5r00-900 calories in an hour while if you go for rappelling; you will see a massive rise in the calorie count.

But in order to keep it even and simple, let’s take a figure of 700. This is the number of calories that you burn in an hour while training or workout sessions. You can always go for a smartwatch in order to determine your steps and calorie count more effectively.

Step 2 – Now calculate the time you spent training

Let’s say, you spend 3 hours every day in the gym, working out, your calorie count will be around 2100, the ones that you have burnt anyway.

But that’s not true, is it? You most likely didn’t spend the entire 3 hours working your way out. You obviously rested or took a break.

Count the minutes you spent climbing and it will help you determine how many calories you burnt.

But we will still be guessing even then and that isn’t right.

What you need to do in order to get a certain calorie count is that bring a stopwatch. Time all of your tests and the minutes you spent climbing, then stop the watch when you take rest.

We have seen a lot of people in the gym who try to do this. Though it isn’t as accurate as we want it to be because often times, we forget to stop our watch because we were too busy talking to our friends or thinking about getting home as soon as the session was over.

But there is something that can help you out. You can use ChalkPrint. It is an amazing tracker for those who enjoy rock climbing. It calculates the time you spent working out and provides you with accurate results.

This will tell you exactly how much time you spent rock climbing.

Step 3 – How many calories did you burn per minute?

So, since we have a rough estimate of 700 calories per hour. Since we are not really sure if that’s much time we spent on the constant workout, we are diving the number of calories to 30 minutes in order to know the exact figure of how many calories were burnt.

But there is another factor that we must keep in mind that some times, we burn more calories in the next hour as compared to the previous hour.

There is nothing too calculated here but it is closer to reality

You most likely burn around 350 calories per hour and 11.6 calories per minute.

So, now you know. You can always download MyFitnessPal as your calorie calculator and it will tell you exactly how to recover the calories that you just burnt.

These are how many calories you burn in an hour while rock climbing. We hope this article was helpful and we look forward to hearing your feedback below.

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