Vango Capri 400xl Review 2022

If you want to spend the weekend in the wilderness, but do not want to be cozy or cramped in the tent, then read the Vango Capri 400xl review as this tent is the best choice for you. Vango Airbeam Capri 400 Tent provides more comfort and space than any other tent.

Vango Capri 400 X-Large is a 3 Person air beam tent and provides sleeping, living and outdoor areas. The living area and the built-in front of the tent provide large space so you could get maximum comfort and ease.

Vango Capri 400XL Review

Vango Capri 400XL Review


  • Flysheet and inner pitch together making it simple and quick to pitch and pack
  • The Vango patented tbs ii – tension band system ensures that your tent performs in adverse conditions, and can be disconnected if desired
  • The protex 70 denier polyester flysheet is highly waterproof, durable and reliable. Exclusive to Vango, it will keep you comfortable and dry
  • Pre-attached front extension: offering generous extra living space
  • Diamond-clear pvc windows with privacy curtains – maximizes light and visibility

The inner fabric is darker and so will avoid you from waking up at the break of the dawn. It cancels out the light from the outwards and does not let the light peep into the tent and thus allows you to sleep for a longer period of time.

On the other hand, the living area has large PVC windows which increase the light in the tent and make everything flooded with light and provides maximum visibility. 

Vango’s Airbeam system is lighter in weight and more stable than steel or fiberglass. It is simple and easy to use. You just have to inflate each Airbeam to the required pressure by using the Airbeam pump.

Vango Capri 400XL

Its pressure dial and pressure release valve make it simple to use and get you the right pressure. The pump has a reverse so it sucks out the air and put the tent back.

Vango’s Airbeam excel side awning is also provided with the Capri 400. It is so that you may add some extra space around the side door.

Furthermore, the flysheet and inner pitch together and make the pitch and pack quick and simple. The Pro-Tex 70 Denier polyester flysheet keeps the rain out and the tent dry. It keeps warmth inside the tent in colder nights. 

Its Tension Band System makes sure the tent provides calmness and stability during strong winds and other harsh weather conditions. When tensioned, it avoids the tent from making sideways movements.

The length of the tent is 455 cm. Its width is 2655 cm. The height of the tent is 190 cm and weight is 47.9 pounds.

  • The rest of the design is dark.
  • A good size for packing.
  • An extremely useful porch.
  • A waterproof rating that is impressive.
  • An incredible amount of space per person.
  • It’s heavy.
  • The side door does not have mesh.


To summarize this Vango Capri 400 XL review, I would like to emphasize its generous floor area, which you do not find in many tents on the market. All of this is so unlike regular camping tents, where tent manufacturers measure the tent’s capacity by the number of sleeping pads they can squeeze on the tent’s floor. You have a completely different concept here; the sleeping area is relatively small, but the living room is enormous, and it adds to the comfort of the structure.
A large front porch, PVC windows, and a height of 80.7 inches (205 cm) all contribute to the feeling of livability. It is the best car camping tent for couples or parents with 1 – 2 kids if you need complete weather protection. It is my top recommendation for a four-person camping tent.

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